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February 07, 2013 09:33 ET

IntelliResponse Adds Groundbreaking Predictive Matching Capabilities to Virtual Agent Solution

Latest Enhancements Improve Answer Accuracy by up to 17% While Substantially Reducing Customer Effort When Searching for Answers

TORONTO--(Marketwire - Feb 7, 2013) - IntelliResponse Systems, the leading provider of virtual agent technology solutions for the enterprise, today announced the general availability of IntelliSuggest -- a new feature of IntelliResponse Virtual Agent 6.2. IntelliSuggest leverages next generation predictive matching technology to deliver the one right answer to self-service questions, and does so with a very high degree of accuracy.

"A common challenge with existing search and web self-service/virtual agent technologies is that their understanding of customer intent is not always clear or explicit, which limits the accuracy of responses," said Paul Smith, Vice President Product and Services at IntelliResponse. "Many of these technologies rely on keyword matching which drives the user to a set of results. The problem with this approach is that in most cases keyword matching only returns previous entries that were provided by other users based on exact matches of those keywords. Additionally, multiple responses are often ambiguous or confusing to the consumer compared to being able to deliver a single correct answer," adds Smith.

The implications of this technology limitation have meant that organizations, at best, can provide visitors to their website, social media or mobile channels with an accurate answer only 80-90% of the time. IntelliSuggest was designed to address this "last mile challenge" -- the 10-20% of informational questions that go unanswered on a company's website, social media or mobile channels.

Empirical data gathered from live customer deployments using IntelliSuggest have far surpassed the company's expectations, yielding a remarkable improvement in both accuracy of the response and ease of use of the IntelliResponse Virtual Agent solution. A/B testing results have demonstrated up to a 17% improvement in answer accuracy. Furthermore, IntelliSuggest has been proven to reduce customer effort by over 20%.

IntelliResponse Virtual Agents offer an engaging customer experience, voice of the customer insights, and ability to deliver one right answer consistently across all customer interaction channels. The addition of IntelliSuggest will now enable customers to self-serve online with far less effort and time than was previously possible.

IntelliSuggest's next generation predictive matching capabilities match questions posed to possible answers in a company's knowledgebase based on the intent of the query, and not the keywords. By using this unique, proprietary approach, IntelliSuggest can find answer matches even when the typed keywords are neither in the title, nor in the text of the answer. Options that the user can select are based on match probability with the order changing in real-time as the user gets more exact with their question.

"Customers using self-service solutions want a fast, accurate, and direct answer to their questions," explains Esteban Kolsky, principal of ThinkJar, a customer strategies consulting organization. "Research has proven customers don't care for multiple potential solutions or wrong answers. They also prefer automation for speedier resolution of their inquiries. Leading organizations see the power of virtual agents to automate and quickly deliver this single-answer to their customers when and how they want. Vendors that offer virtual agents to provide fast, effective, and accurate solutions via self-service give a competitive advantage to their clients."

Product Availability
IntelliSuggest is currently in production and generally available to IntelliResponse customers.

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