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October 21, 2010 08:59 ET

Intellitar Launches Live Beta of Virtual Eternity Cloning Technology

Digital Cloning Brings Immortality to Mass Market

HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwire - October 21, 2010) -  Intellitar, the developer of the Intelligent Avatar Platform™, has announced today the release of Virtual Eternity™ live beta, a web-based, legacy creation and preservation service. This unique application allows users to create their own Intelligent Avatar by uploading their image and populating the digital brain by adding content and answering a series of pre-set and customizable questions. The resulting Intellitar, or digital clone, will look, think, act, and speak just like the user.

Virtual Eternity takes climbing the family tree to an entirely new level. By focusing on today and looking forward to the future, users build their own digital, living legacy via their Intellitar. Tomorrow's genealogy trackers will have more than just names and dates documented; they will have the opportunity to interact with the digital clone you create today. Designed to allow the perpetual sharing of one's interactive virtual legacy, Virtual Eternity gives its users virtual immortality.

"Imagine being able to talk to your great-grandmother and ask about the choices she made? What if you could interact with a lost family member or loved one and hear their voice telling you that special something you already remember hearing from them?" says Don Davidson, CEO and co-founder of Intellitar. "That's the concept behind Virtual Eternity. We want to give users the gift of immortality while giving future generations a sense of connection to their roots."

Through the process of creating an Intellitar via Virtual Eternity's intuitive interface, users digitally capture the look, personality traits, and conversational style of themselves. When complete, this digital clone is available to interact with others in any type of social media outlet forever. Users can interact with their friends and family today, as well as with future generations.

"We wanted to make Virtual Eternity available to the mass market as many of the ideas we have for upgrades and future applications come from public feedback," noted Davidson. "We are already working on improving our speech engine, the option for speech to text input and improving personal characteristics to appear more natural. Adding larger numbers of body types, ethnicities, dialects, image types will help us refine our platform to eventually look undecipherable to the user."

Virtual Eternity's basic membership is free and includes 25MB of storage and a selection of voices from the voice library. Basic members also receive 100 friend and family connections. Users can upgrade their plan for a fee to include options such as a custom voice, certain application brains such as the Twitter and Weather brain, additional storage and subject matter expert brains.

Additional membership plans are available. The Personal membership plan, including a number of upgrades to the Basic Membership (including an advanced voice library) is $5.95/month or $64.95/year. Family Plans are available for $24.95/month or $274.95/year. For additional information, please visit

About Intellitar:
Intellitar, the creators of the Intelligent Avatar Platform (IAP), allows users to create digital clones that perpetually exist on a wide range of web and mobile platforms. These Intellitars, built on the base of a user's image, look, act, speak, and think just like their creator. In addition to the fully integrated platform used to create these intelligent avatars, Intellitar is creating specific applications for the intelligent avatars. The first such application, Virtual Eternity is a living scrapbook that makes forever possible by allowing present and future generations to interact with friends and family members in perpetuity via their digital clone.

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