Intema Solutions Inc.

Intema Solutions Inc.

October 28, 2015 11:58 ET

INTEMA Moves Forward to a New Market Approach

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Oct. 28, 2015) - Intema Solutions Inc. ("Intema" or the "Corporation") (TSX VENTURE:ITM). INTEMA informs of an up-date on the company's technologies and marketing strategies.

Supported by extensive market research for small and medium businesses Intema adapts its technologies to meet the SMB business requirements.

This new approach is a reaction to the length of the sales cycle with larger corporations. Twelve months or more are required to sign up larger clients. Such long sales cycle increase sales expenses and push back revenues to later dates.

To compensate Intema will add SMB to its target markets and aim smaller individual client sales and globally higher volumes. SMB sales cycle is shorter but requires larger numbers of customers at lower costs (revenues).
We are confident that this should be favourable to stabilize revenues.

The Company's technologies make this shift possible because it is not necessary to modify core applications; new functionalities and features will added to meet the needs of SMB market.

Already 35 new customer signups for the new eFlyerMaker ™ version.

The first email software of the Company was completely reviewed to make it more accessible to SMB's.

This version is on the cutting edge of technology with easy and user-friendly preparation tools such as "Drag and Drop", multiple segmentation, intelligent analysis reporting and powerful speed of delivery of emails.

eFlyerMaker ™ is so well developed that it far exceeds the biggest platforms on the email market. It is unquestionably one of the easiest and most user-friendly solutions on the market. With minimal knowledge, a beginner will be able to create email content and launch a campaign after only one hour of training. Marketing teams can quickly and easily become self-sufficient in the production of campaigns thus avoiding delays and costs incurred by the use of external providers.

Small business and more power.

eFlyerMaker ™ provides access to a wide variety of very advanced features that were up till now impossible to find with a solution for small businesses;

  • Predictive Marketing Integration Engine to maximize campaign results;
  • Integration of an Image resizer function to simplify the integration the images to the desired format without changing;
  • Access to an online retail flyer module
  • Multiple segmentation tool
  • Identification of various "Personas"
  • Reporting Interface results, customizable to customer needs.

MATCHERAnalytics ™ SMB version of the Predictive Marketing Engine™

Similarly, INTEMA will create a "light" version of its Predictive Marketing Engine ™. To be marketed under the trademark


The company must invest time and money in this approach. This decision comes from the analysis of the US market and following several presentations to potential retail customers in the United States.

New development phase.

To be successful with this new version, the company prepared a development plan to gain easier and faster market penetration. The MATCHERAnalytics ™ will be more accessible to marketing professionals who are not technology experts.

The company must develop a user interface that is more user friendly to eliminate the need for assistance of the IT department at the start of a project. The need to involve the IT department is more often than not an obstacle to the progress of projects.

The new version will have to compensate with a more generic and adaptable interface for all situations; the main points are:

  • A more user-friendly interface;
  • A global generic approach to every situation with the possibilities to adapt and customize to specific needs;
  • Simplified set-ups by automating several project set-up phases
  • A reporting system consisting of basic general information but with a wider scope to be more informative and tailored to the needs of the specific situation of each client

The company will start selling the first version of MATCHERAnalytics ™ in the second quarter of 2016 and will market in the US.


Intema's mission is to integrate technologies to marketing. The company develops technologies for marketing and services related to predictive marketing, relationship marketing and database marketing. Since its inception, INTEMA has dedicated its efforts to deliver key solutions to the marketing industry. Amongst its clients are companies of all sizes in North America. For more information, please visit our website at

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