March 03, 2008 17:02 ET

Interactive Digital Center Consortium Launches First-Ever Interactive 3D Symposium

Educators to Experience First-Hand How 3D Technology Is Revolutionizing Learning

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) - The Interactive Digital Center (IDC) Consortium, a collaboration formed by EON Reality, NVIDIA, Hewlett-Packard, Christie Digital and Microsoft to promote the advancement of interactive 3D (i3D) visualization solutions for simulation-based learning and workforce development, announces its inaugural i3D Symposium. This first-of-its kind event, to be held in Florence, S.C., April 10-11, 2008, will provide college and university educators an opportunity to experience first-hand how 3D technology is revolutionizing learning.

Educators attending the Symposium will hear from global leaders about how 3D technologies truly can change the way learning takes place, see the latest i3D technologies in action and experience for themselves how today's learner becomes immersed in the learning environment.

"Today's technologies have greatly enhanced learning environments where a person can now be placed into a scenario or situation and become directly responsible for changes that occur as a result of his or her decisions," said Marly Bergerud, vice president, education development, EON Reality. "For example, it is easier to learn how a human heart works by actually going inside a life-like 3D heart and moving around within it to see exactly what you want to see."

Educators will learn how to combine i3D technologies within education and training curriculum and create immersive environments. This approach, called Simulation Based Learning (SBL) enables learners to view, touch, hear and interact with life-like objects in real time. The results have been profound -- people tend to learn faster and remember what they learned for a longer period of time.

"SBL has the potential to provide more engaging content in learning, allowing for better motivated and engaged students," said Mats Johansson, chief executive officer, EON Reality. "There are many opportunities for educators to collaborate with industry to take advantage of SBL. The Symposium will showcase how various colleges have created self-sustaining environments by partnering with industries. Such partnerships help provide technology tools and workforce resources while training a much-needed workforce that is skilled in creating interactive 3D content."

The Symposium includes two other special programs to be held on April 9. In the morning there will be a two-hour executive briefing for college presidents, chancellors and other executives. The afternoon program is designed to show various businesses and companies how i3D simulations are used to create sales and marketing presentations, develop training programs, and design and test products through "virtual factories."

The i3D Symposium will be held at the new Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT) facility on the grounds of the Florence-Darlington Technical College. The SiMT is a state-of-the-art facility where interactive 3D technology solutions have been designed to showcase new 3D technologies, enhance content development for educators and industry partners for education/training and to provide industry with new ways for enhancing sales, marketing, maintenance and operations.

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About the Interactive Digital Consortium:

The Interactive Digital Consortium is a collaboration of high-tech companies -- EON Reality, NVIDIA, Hewlett-Packard, Christie Digital, and Microsoft (Microsoft provides technical support). The IDC Consortium provides leadership in the development of sophisticated interactive 3D visualization solutions to promote simulation-based learning and workforce development in a repeatable and cost-effective manner.

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