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November 09, 2010 10:30 ET

InteractiveXML Toolkit Allows Consumers to Interact With Video Stories by Touch, Voice and Email

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 9, 2010) -  Interactivation, a New York City-based media company, has launched InteractiveXML, a free XML toolkit (available at that allows brands, digital agencies, and ad-servers to quickly build and deploy video ads and applications that can, in-page, interact with consumers' clicks, touch, text and voice.

InteractiveXML can drive Flash video interactions on brand websites, blogs or within Facebook. Examples of InteractiveXML applications can be viewed here at

Interactivation will also provide scripting, technical and deployment support at no charge for the first developers of 'hyperinteractive' video applications. InteractiveXML is being offered for free with the expectation that once developers get their hands on it, they will push the creative envelope on what it means for a video to be interactive.

"Shooting interactive demos for our clients was quick, fast and a ton of fun," said Seth Hart, Director of Activation at agency PHD.

"The video player is one of the least interactive elements of a web page," said Matthew Davidge, President of Interactivation. "You can start and stop a video ad and sometimes you can click an overlay, but until now fully-interactive video experiences haven't loaded and started fast enough to be served as ad units. Our tool allows interactive video experiences to load and start within a second, drawing the consumer quickly into brand/video interaction."

InteractiveXML's scripting language is XML-compliant, and capable of integrating video, SMS, email, phone and IM. It has been integrated with Lumenvox's voice technology ( for through-the-browser voice recognition and Voxeo ( for telephony and IM applications.

The InteractiveXML toolkit also allows the incorporation of branching logic, variables, web service calls and other 'out of the box' functionality to make rich interactive videos fast to build, test and deploy. In addition, InteractiveXML applications have 'memory' and can track usage in real time.

An image of the Seth Hart/phd video application can be found here:

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