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November 18, 2015 09:30 ET

Interbit Data Introduces NetRelay -- A Healthcare Communications Platform Providing Secure Text and More

Built From the Ground up in Healthcare, NetRelay Offers Seamless, Out-of-the Box Integration With Critical Applications to Deliver Automated Message Delivery, Tracking and Workflow

NATICK, MA--(Marketwired - November 18, 2015) - Interbit Data, a leading provider of software and services connecting people with information for more efficient healthcare, today announced NetRelay, a new product providing secure text and other features automating HIPAA-compliant message delivery, tracking and workflow across healthcare organizations. With NetRelay, hospitals can enhance messaging speed and workflow, enabling more effective staff communications and greater efficiency and throughput leading to optimal patient care.

Built from the ground up in a hospital environment, NetRelay integrates seamlessly with Healthcare Information System (HCIS) applications, taking any data from those systems and turning it into a secure message that is delivered to mobile devices, NetRelay Messaging Consoles and/or through the Interbit Data NetDelivery hospital data exchange to email, fax, or printers. Information and activity statuses can be relayed from one staff member to another or one department to another.

With NetRelay, hospitals can enable automatic message escalation for important messages requiring response, along with the ability to define alternate contacts and/or contact methods. Clinicians can determine the time intervals between escalating messages alerting or reminding them to respond and acknowledge a critical lab value or other important message. Message escalation can be viewed via a NetRelay Messaging Console in the relevant department(s).

Real-time messages and activity statuses can be provided on NetRelay Messaging Consoles that are set up in different departments for their communications purposes, providing information that helps staff do their job: patient statuses, reminders, staff patient assignments, patients being discharged and key metrics such as pain reassessments due or patient wait times.

NetRelay also features the following capabilities:

  • Message filtering based on importance, so only those messages a clinician considers important are sent and escalated, helping to reduce alert fatigue
  • Improved workflow for critical lab value messaging, reducing acknowledgment wait times
  • Customizable message templates
  • Audited message contact acknowledgement
  • Automated tracking of critical value acknowledgement times and workflow for one-click reporting to CAP and The Joint Commission
  • Image capture and delivery for clinician sharing and consultation

With NetRelay, hospitals can see dramatic improvements in communications and workflow. In use in one healthcare facility, NetRelay was able to reduce average critical value workflow time from 45 to 15 minutes, which helped reduce throughput, decrease patient wait times and improve responsiveness to patients. The facility was also able to improve nursing pain reassessment documentation from 78% to 96% through the implementation of automated reminders.

"There are several different software applications out there that give clinicians the ability to have HIPAA-compliant communications with one another, but NetRelay is all of them rolled up into one, so you're using one application and not five," said Trey Dobson, Chief Medical Officer at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. "NetRelay makes it easy to receive and respond to a message. I'll get a beep on my phone or watch and if I'm in a meeting or with a patient, I can just glance down and see what it's about, then step out to address it when I can. I no longer have to worry about having a pager go off repeatedly and feeling compelled to leave a patient and go find out what it's about. There are no longer interruptions to our workflow and to patient care."

"Communications between clinicians, staff members, and departments at hospitals can typically involve numerous steps, phone calls and pages, leading to interruptions in workflow and responsiveness to patients," said Arthur Young, president of Interbit Data. "NetRelay is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare communications platform that enables clinicians and other staff members to remove all the steps, phone calling and paging and automatically speed important messages to personal devices and consoles where intended recipients can easily retrieve and view them without having to leave a patient or keep a patient waiting."

NetRelay's many communications use cases include: secure texting, critical lab value messaging, radiology results, waiting room patient status, patient admissions and discharges, code alerts, housekeeping needs, patient dietary needs and pain reassessment statuses.

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