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November 09, 2010 07:30 ET

Intergis Expands Asset Tracking Solution Suite With New Kuva™ Products for Virtually Every Business Application

Advanced Loss Prevention and Monitoring Tools Lead the Asset Tracking Industry With Cutting-Edge Technology

CRANFORD, NJ--(Marketwire - November 9, 2010) - Intergis, a leader in mobile resource management (MRM) and logistics technologies, has expanded its cutting-edge asset tracking suite of Kuva devices for the heavy equipment and construction industries.

The product suite of Kuva devices helps monitor, locate, manage and prevent theft of high value assets, such as equipment, large tools and vehicles. With the option to use cellular or satellite technology, the Kuva devices allow customers to pinpoint the precise asset location and receive alerts based on motion status and geofence violations. 

Several of the Kuva devices transmit valuable equipment data, including ignition on/off, door open/close, engine hour utilization through a digital input (PTO) interface to gather preventative maintenance details in addition to location status. The Kuva devices are adaptable to any environment with devices ranging from water-resistant molded-plastic to IP67 all the way up to Intrinsically Safe. Each has an internal antenna that enables the device to operate within the environmental conditions of any shipment, vehicle, load, machine or asset. 

"Over the last year, we've expanded the suite based on direct field feedback from our customers and the business requirements they are trying to solve. We believe the suite of devices offers a wide range of options based on business size, tracking requirements, data analysis and transmission technology," explains Intergis CEO, Jeffrey Cohen. "Customers that use our Vericom MRM fleet tracking management solution are adding Kuva devices to monitor their heavy assets on a single platform, an option they did not have previously." 

Any of the Kuva devices are easily concealed to protect against tampering or theft. Should unexpected movement or even theft occur, users can quickly pinpoint device location on the map. At predetermined intervals, the device transmits the data to remote servers, where it is processed and converted into the street address. Customers use Vericom MRM to view one or all of the Kuva device locations simultaneously and can use satellite maps to determine the landscape and terrain of the devices' exact location. The data can be integrated into any logistics management technology.

The Kuva suite includes:
Kuva -- Kuva is a self-contained, battery-powered GPS tracking device with unique service plans to fit various applications. A time-based service plan allows users to schedule up to 12 location status reports per day. A motion-based service plan provides one location status report daily and immediate and continuous notification if your asset is on the move.

Kuva Power -- Kuva Power is the optimum GPS tracking device, equipped with a battery and charger, and can be used where an intermittent power supply is available. It is recommended for live tracking, motion detection and daily engine run-time monitoring, and enables different transmission rates for a moving vs. stationary asset. The KuvaPower is equipped with a long-lasting battery that has a lifespan of up to three years.

KuvaSat -- The new KuvaSat overcomes tracking issues where cellular coverage or transmission is ineffective. The KuvaSat is powered with a field-replaceable lithium battery and is ideal for infrequent contact in the field, but accurate location and equipment status updates.

KuvaXS -- The smallest device in the suite, the 2" x 3" inch KuvaXS features superior GPS and operates wired to a vehicle power supply. The unit is ideal for simple time-based reporting and engine utilization monitoring. The KuvaXS has a backup battery and can operate in an ultra-low power save mode.

Every Kuva device provides effective methods for location-based reporting and asset analysis. And just as important, customers rely on it specifically to locate and recover equipment that has been taken from current projects without notice.

Superior Steel in Denver Colorado recently installed Kuva devices to 12 welding machines, some of which were replacements for those already stolen. The company suspected that employees were involved. One month after installation, they spotted another unit missing. According to Superior Steel CEO Mary Gunn, "Immediately, we logged onto Vericom MRM, which showed us the machine had been stolen the previous evening, as well as the yard where it was hidden at that exact moment." Superior Steel immediately contacted the Denver Police Department, who used the Kuva tracking system's GPS information to pinpoint the machine's exact location, obtain a search warrant and recover the machine as well as other stolen equipment.

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