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November 26, 2012 02:00 ET

Interim results for the period ended 30 September 2012

                                                                                      26 November 2012
                                          Daily Internet PLC
                                       ("Daily" or the Company")
                        Interim results for the period ended 30 September 2012

Daily Internet PLC is pleased to announce its unaudited interim results for the period 1 April 2012 to
30 September 2012.

Chairman's Statement
Daily  has  continued  to  make excellent progress in the first half of the  current  financial  year,
showing  growth in revenues of 8.8 per cent. and an 80 per cent. reduction in operating losses  before
exceptional  project costs. The Company continues to see a month on month growth  across  all  hosting
products,  from  domain  name  registration and shared hosting services to  sitebuilder  products  and
virtual  private server services, equating to a total growth rate of 5 per cent. for  the  period.  In
addition, the Company has also reached operating cash-flow breakeven.

Over  the coming period our aim is to complete the development of new products and to launch them into
the  market in line with the Company's Phase II development timetable. These will add to the  existing
product  offering  and  broaden  our  product set to the  target  market  of  small  and  medium  size

The  Company  announced earlier today that the Company has raised a further £550,000  (£507,000  after
costs), in addition to the previous fundraising of £582,000 in September of this year. The proceeds of
both  fundraisings  will be used to further expand the product offering to customers  and  the  target
market, with a view to complete the Company's Phase II development schedule.

I  take  this opportunity to thank all our shareholders and hardworking employees for their  continued
support and look forward to maintaining steady growth in the coming period.

Michael Edelson

Consolidated Profit and Loss Account for the period to 30 September 2012
                                                                      Unaudited             Unaudited
                                                                         Period                Period
                                                                   1 April 2012          1 April 2011
                                                                             to                    to
                                                              30 September 2012          30 September
                                                                          £'000                 £'000
Turnover                                                                    764                   702
Cost of sales                                                             (374)                 (331)
Gross profit                                                                390                   371
Operating expenses                                                        (420)                 (524)
Operating loss before exceptional costs                                    (30)                 (153)
Exceptional costs - Phase II development                                  (148)                     -
Operating loss after exceptional costs                                    (178)                 (153)
Interest receivable and similar income                                        -                     -
Interest payable and similar charges                                       (47)                  (26)
Loss on ordinary activities before taxation                               (225)                 (179)
Tax on loss on ordinary activities                                            -                     -
Loss for the period                                                       (225)                 (179)
Basic and diluted loss per share                                           0.4p                  0.3p

Consolidated Balance Sheet at 30 September 2012
                                                                        Unaudited               Unaudited
                                                                     30 September            30 September
                                                                             2012                    2011
                                                                            £'000                   £'000
Fixed assets                                                                                             
Intangible assets                                                               2                      18
Goodwill                                                                      137                     274
Tangible assets                                                               192                     133
                                                                              331                     425
Current assets                                                                                           
Debtors                                                                        38                      22
Cash at bank and in hand                                                      577                      99
                                                                              615                     121
Creditors: due within one year                                              (758)                   (634)
Net current liabilities                                                     (143)                   (513)

Total assets less current liabilities                                         188                    (88)
Creditors: due after one year                                               (722)                   (570)
Net assets/(liabilities)                                                    (534)                   (658)
Capital and reserves                                                                          
Called up share capital                                                       459                     305
Share Premium                                                               3,055                   2,599
Other Reserves                                                                242                     242
Profit and loss account                                                   (4,290)                 (3,804)
Shareholders' funds                                                         (534)                   (658)
Notes to the Financial Statements
    1.      Financial Information
        The interim results for the period to 30 September 2012 have not been reviewed by the company
    2.      Responsibility
        The directors accept responsibility for the information contained in these financial
        statements. To the best of their knowledge and belief, the information is in accordance with
        the facts and does not omit anything likely to have a material affect on such information.

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