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January 31, 2013 07:00 ET

Interim Results for the Six Months ended 31 October 2012

                                                                                            31 January 2013
                                               BWA Group Plc
                                         ("BWA" or the "Company")
                         Interim Results for the Six Months ended 31 October 2012
Dear Shareholder,

Your  Board  today announces the Company's unaudited interim results for the half year to 31 October  2012.
These show a loss before tax of GBP18,107.

Provision  has  been made to write down one of our investments, Webb Capital plc.  The  directors  of  Webb
Capital  plc  chose  to de-list the company after the end of the period and your Board  hereby  record  its
considerable disappointment with this company's course of action.

The  Board  continues to pursue the strategy of seeking an acquisition which meets the Company's investment
criteria,  namely,  an  established  business, making, or close to  making  profits  and  capable  of  cash
generation.  In  common  with  other companies similar to ourselves this is proving  to  be  a  slow,  time
consuming task and we have rejected a number of opportunities which have presented themselves.

We  are  pleased  that  the ISDX Growth Market, formerly the PLUS-SX market on which  BWA  is  listed,  has
benefited  from  its  acquisition  by  ICAP Plc and hope that this  market  can  re-establish  itself  with

In  December  2012,  shareholders in BWA received free shares in Prego International Limited  ("Prego"),  a
Guernsey incorporated company with the same directors as BWA. At that time, Prego informed BWA shareholders
that  it had commenced negotiations with a view to acquiring a company of such a size and stature as  would
be  capable  of admission to the AIM market. The Directors of BWA are pleased to report that BWA  has  been
mandated to provide consultancy services Prego in respect of this acquisition and its proposed admission to
the  AIM  market. If Prego's transaction is successful, BWA will receive fees in respect of its consultancy
services and BWA and its shareholders, through their respective equity interests in Prego, may also benefit
from any increase in Prego's market value.

Your Board remains committed to generating value for the Company's shareholders.

Richard Battersby

                                               BWA GROUP PLC
                                          PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT
                                                           Six months ended                   
                                                           31 October 2012         Year ended
                                                              Unaudited          30 April 2012
                                                                 GBP                Audited
    Turnover                                                      -                     -
    Administrative expenses                                    (14,797)              (77,796)
                                                               ------                ------
    Operating loss                                             (14,797)              (77,796)
    Loss on investments                                        (3,220)               (11,260)
                                                               ------                ------
                                                               (18,017)              (89,056)
    Finance charges (net)                                         -                     -
                                                               ------                ------
    Loss on ordinary activities before and after                                     
    taxation and retained for the period                       (18,017)              (89,056)
                                                               ------                ------
    Earnings per ordinary share - basic (pence)                 (0.017)               (0.084)
                                                               ------                ------
    Earnings per ordinary share -diluted (pence)                (0.017)               (0.084)
                                                               ------                ------
    All amounts relate to continuing activities.

                                               BWA GROUP PLC
                                               BALANCE SHEET
                                                             At 31 October        At 30 April
                                                                      2012               2012
                                                               Unaudited            Audited
                                                                  GBP                 GBP
  Fixed Assets                                                                       
   Available-for-sale Investments                              252,201              278,344
  Current assets                                                                     
   Debtors and prepayments                                      30,890               34,597
   Cash at bank and in hand                                      6,400                1,669
                                                                ------               ------
                                                                37,290               36,266
  Creditors: amounts falling due within one year               (49,950)             (68,616)
                                                                ------               ------
  Net current liabilities                                      (12,660)             (32,350)
                                                                ------               ------
  Total assets less current liabilities                         239,541              245,994
                                                                ------               ------
  Capital and reserves                                                               
   Called up share capital                                      560,499              539,494
   Share premium                                                 12,519                6,217
   Capital redemption reserve                                   288,625              288,625
   Available-for-sale revaluation reserve                       (52,743)             (43,850)
   Profit and loss account                                     (569,359)            (544,492)
                                                                ------               ------
  Shareholders' funds                                           239,541              245,994
                                                                ------               ------

The Directors of BWA Group Plc are responsible for the contents of this announcement.

For further information please contact:

BWA Group Plc
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