Our World of Interiors

Our World of Interiors

February 28, 2011 01:00 ET

Interior Design Goes Recession Proof: Stylish Bare Essentials Are the Trend for 2011

NOTTINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 28, 2011) - 2011 is the year of essential living. Following the recession, interior design has embraced less decadent looks with the 'just enough' trend reflecting the end of the style over substance era.

As we have all pared down our financial outgoings and reassessed our essentials versus the surplus, the concept is now transcending into homes with a stripping down and a de-cluttering.

Our World of Interiors are a quality furniture and accessories supplier, who provide the latest style of home furniture and are stocking lots of substantial, chunky pieces right now, which are very much in style for this new trend.

A spokesperson for Our World of Interiors, explains: 'Anything which has a dominant, earthy presence is perfect for this look. Our brown and black leather beds are ideal because they are unbelievably comfortable and yet look so strong and solid in their appearance. This is exactly what essential living is all about. Our research into the latest trends and designs has also brought us Breasley and Joseph products, which we are also very excited about promoting'.

Joseph furniture will fit perfectly into the essential living trend, as all of their products are made from a variety of wood including hard and exotic wood, which are sourced from sustainable forests.

These beautiful pieces will perfectly complement other natural materials in a room and neutral colours to help to create an unfussy and serene space. An eye-catching, solid main feature in the room can draw the eye in, which is why one of Our World's most popular products at the moment are their brown and black faux leather beds. They perfectly emphasise the purpose of the room; to relax!

Meanwhile, Breasley, the largest producer of vacuum packed mattresses can make sure you can do just this and relax in the most wondrous way. They are such experts at providing comfort, they are even partnered with NASA technology, Outlast which was developed to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations!

Simplicity is key for this trend as well as highlighting the function that occurs in each particular room, and providing just enough accessories to make sure that job can be done effectively and in the most comfortable manner.

About Our World of Interiors:

Our World of Interiors is a limited company that sells a huge range of beds and other furniture and accessories online to make a house a home.

As one of the most competitive sellers online, we supply the highest quality of items at the lowest prices because there is no middle man - we buy direct and pass the savings on to you.

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