SOURCE: National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Institute

May 31, 2015 21:21 ET

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2015

Taiwan Crafts Enhance Life

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - May 31, 2015) - The "Gifts that Enhance Life" - "In Taiwan In Design - Taiwan Pavilion" to be presented in "Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2015" on June 10th by the National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Institute (stated as NTCRDI below) allows Taiwan crafts fashion boutiques to blend into Japan and become the ideal gifts for friends between the Japanese people, and even in the lives of the entire world.

This year, NTCRDI has led 12 stringently selected brand companies with 43 sets of craft boutiques to offer the "Gift Strategy that Surprises the Important People" for the Japanese people who value the gifting philosophy. It turns "In Taiwan In Design - Taiwan Pavilion" into a large gift box, making it the most eye-catching exhibition pavilion, symbolizing the present gifted to Japan from Taiwan. Floriculturist Hsien-Hsiang Yang, who once won the award of excellence for Japan's International Floral Expo is invited to create the gigantic gift box floral decoration using Hakka floral fabric with red background and white flowers, not only demonstrating Taiwan crafts and cultural characteristics, but further accentuating the diversity of design applications for Taiwan crafts. With exquisitely unique style and "Taiwan Craft Boutiques that Enhance Life" as the gift, Taiwan crafts are blended into the homes of global consumers via the gifting approach, such that they are not merely craftworks, but are further living designs that enhance life, as well as the ideal gift to present.

The 43 sets of Taiwan craft boutiques are fusions of Taiwan's living aesthetics and cultural characteristics, including the "Lucky Stamp Set" chopsticks and stand giving blessings to the newly-wed couples; the "Thin-walled Bowl" featuring transparency using craftsmanship passed down from the Ming Dynasty; the "Change, a Second" which combines the characteristics of paper and ceramic, capable of transforming into vase, fruit plate and lighting equipment; the "Rush Cravat" or "Indigo Dye Curtain" produced purely by hand using natural materials; as well as utilizing recycled wood to create childhood sweet memories such as cookie-style stool and more.

These gift strategies that enhance life are proposed by the 12 stringently selected Taiwanese cultural creative companies: Afterain Design Studio; Even Studio; Global Technology Trade & Invent Company; Tsun Jen Toung Art Pottery Co., Ltd.; KEV Design Studio; Sa'Bella design; a.m ideas; Natural Art Creativity & Development Co., Ltd.; GEWAY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.; Watersource Culture Foundation; MOTOR Design Group Ltd.; and Artilize Worldwide Co., Ltd.. Taiwanese and international buyers are welcome to visit Tokyo to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan crafts.

Photo caption: "Elevating Clouds - Craft Collection" series depicts the imperial official's posture against the background of National Palace Museum Collection. The artisan uses highly skillful woodwork, crafts mixed medium onto the bone china.

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National Taiwan Craft Research and development Institute (NTCRDI) is an agency under the Ministry of Culture. The NTCRDI promotes unique local crafts, design, innovation, and the development of the culture industry. It also seeks to meet its primary goals of encouraging Taiwan's people to cultivate a greater appreciation of crafts, to bring beauty into life, and to seek greater international exchanges related to crafts. In recent years, we have focused on introducing Taiwan's crafts all over the world. Toward this end, we have been working to train skilled individuals, encourage regional cooperation, and develop international markets.

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