Interlink-US-Network, Ltd.

November 16, 2009 07:00 ET

Interlink-US-Network, Ltd. Announces an Advanced FRED and the "House MAX" Product Lines

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 16, 2009) - Interlink-US-Net, Ltd.'s (OTCBB: IUSN) corporate expertise in video conferencing has led it to create a new more advanced FRED unit that is designed to deliver the highest quality video conferencing with a host of related services at prices that will fit the business market as well as the consumer market.

Cisco website states: "In today's intricately networked and globalized economy, the ability to enable efficient and meaningful collaboration among colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers is now a business imperative." The FRED fills that need at a price point that is a small fraction of the Cisco solution. The new and advanced FRED unit delivers 2WayTV, 30 frames per second, high definition video in real time over standard Internet broadband connections. Performance is supported by a proprietary network server farm that monitors quality and utilizes a proprietary billing platform for monthly services fees and special services such as conference calling and private video channels.

The new and advanced Fred has an expected retail cost of $850 in comparison to Cisco's unit which retails at about $89k (for a stripped down version) up to $300,000 per site (Tech Republic April 2, 2009). The video conferencing market is about a $2Billion market with an annual growth rate of about 17% for the next five years. (IT Business Edge Oct 2, 2009.)

The FRED may also be used to bundle broadcast video entertainment services with video conferencing, broadening the marketplace and converging all video and data delivery in a single unit. Interlink currently operates video on demand servers supported by a billing platform that is capable of providing a wide variety of premium video events, including satellite and cable programming. Management is of the opinion that video conferencing alone will not drive the market, but video conferencing and entertainment distribution in a seamless environment such as the FRED will ignite the marketplace. With this in mind we are confident that Interlink and the new advanced Fred will be a major player in this growing and expanding market.

Max product line expansion

Interlink is currently expanding the Max product line with the development and soon introduction of the House MAX, big brother to the hand held MAX unit. The House MAX will receive and transmit cell phone signals in concert with the MAX units in an apartment or home. Like the MAX, it requires no batteries, wires, set up or connections. The House MAX and MAX extend the cellphone network to provide reliability and robust service. Just use it. The House MAX enables Interlink to up-sell its MAX consumers.

About Interlink-USA

Interlink-USA is a communications technology company with corporate offices in Los Angeles, CA. The company is committed to becoming a leader in both the wireless accessory and multi-media communication product markets. Based on a $10m investment to date in product development and research, the company is moving forward to manufacture, produce and market a line of multi-media and communication devices for consumer applications. The company's signature products include the MAX™ a portable wireless antenna which the company has developed to significantly enhance signal quality for all consumer brand cell phones and/or PDA's. Please visit for more information. The company also manufactures and markets the FRED, a multi-media set top device that delivers 2WayTV in broadcast quality, entertainment programming in 1080p High Def, Internet access and VoIP in a single unit for use with any television or computer. For more information please visit the company's website at

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