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March 18, 2008 17:34 ET

International Authors Gather to Hear Heaphey Speak

PALISADES, NY--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - James Heaphey, Professor Emeritus of the State University of New York, whose storied career has taken him from the bathhouses and alleyways of Casablanca as a United States undercover operative to the heights of academia and international regard, was the guest of honor on March 15 at the monthly meeting of the Paphos Writers' Club in Cyprus.

The club with an international membership from England, Wales, Scotland, Iceland, Thailand and South Africa, invited Heaphey to discuss his book "Legerdemain: The President's Secret Plan, The Bomb and What the French Never Knew." The book is based on recently declassified files pertaining to Operation Camelback, a Cold War mission to wrest Morocco out of the French colonial system and into the U.S. Sphere of influence in order to protect American air bases critical to its nuclear-strike strategy. Heaphey recounts in "Legerdemain," his experience as one of those operatives assigned to the mission.

But it was not the story alone that caused the large crowd of authors to sit and listen to Heaphey speak. There was a great deal of interest in Heaphey's use of the narrative nonfiction technique. When Hugh Atkinson, whose pen name is Mark Charlton Kings, introduced Heaphey, he told the assembled crowd that "Legerdemain" "is a fascinating history that reads like a spy novel. It is amazing how Heaphey can reveal significant information about important happenings within the conversations of his characters; who are, by the way, utterly fascinating people. Oh, I should add, many of these important happenings were unknown to the general public until Heaphey presented them in this book. They were what we British call 'Secrets of State.'"

James J. Heaphey is Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Public Affairs,State University of New York. He has directed political development programs in Brazil, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon and South Korea. He has also given seminars for American military officers stationed in Europe and the Far East and he has been published in numerous text books and magazines. He is a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia.

"Legerdemain: The President's Secret Plan, The Bomb and What the French Never Knew" 9781933909356(hc) and 9781933909363,(sc)History Publishing Company, Jan. 15, 2008,, is available in bookstores nationally.

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