SOURCE: International Card Establishment, Inc.

October 08, 2008 14:52 ET

International Card Establishment VT Application Provides Turnkey Gift and Loyalty Programs

Next Generation Technology Platform to Allow Any Merchant With a Computer to Offer Custom-Branded Gift and Loyalty Card to Customers

CAMARILLO, CA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2008) - International Card Establishment, Inc. (I.C.E.) (OTCBB: ICRD) today announced that its new Virtual Terminal (VT) platform allows any merchant with a computer and an internet connection to offer custom store branded Gift and Loyalty cards that utilize traditional magnetic stripe cards to his customers at a small fraction of the cost of existing Gift and Loyalty programs. This revolutionary platform enables an inexpensive magnetic stripe card to yield all of the information previously available only with smart card programs.

All a merchant needs to do is to purchase a magnetic stripe reader (approximately US $75) that plugs into his computer's USB port and download I.C.E.'s VT software application program. Inexpensive magnetic stripe cards custom designed by I.C.E. highlight a merchant's unique branding and logo. With VT, the merchant can immediately launch his own Gift and Loyalty program without purchasing a sophisticated POS system whose costs can run into thousands of dollars.

This alternative eliminates the need for the merchant to have a smart card compatible credit card terminal or allows the merchant to run our Gift and Loyalty application in tandem with his credit card or POS hardware. Nevertheless, VT is versatile and will work equally well with either a smart chip or magnetic stripe card, and provide the merchant access to I.C.E.'s robust CRM (customer relationship and management) software and database through I.C.E.'s Merchant Data Center website.

Here is how it works: the merchant simply logs on to the Merchant Data Center website and can instantaneously see how many dollars of prepaid gift cards have been issued, redeemed, reloaded, etc., or how his Gift and Loyalty program is progressing, points issued, rebates redeemed, etc. In addition, the merchant can access critical customer data such as name, address, birthdates, frequency of visits, etc. to assist in formulating intelligent marketing campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.

The VT platform allows the small (one location store) to large (600 location franchise) to offer state-of-the-art Gift and Loyalty card programs previously available only to large nationwide merchants. I.C.E.'s current merchant portfolio in the United States is extremely diverse, ranging from single location restaurants to 100+ location franchises. The business mix is equally diversified among apparel, food, sports equipment, spas, automotive repair, furniture and other industries.

For I.C.E. the VT platform generates a number of revenue streams. The primary revenue is generated from a fixed monthly fee paid by the merchant for unlimited Gift and Loyalty transactions per location. Additional revenue streams come from actual card sales and card design.

I.C.E. is also implementing custom marketing campaigns that the merchant can access through the Merchant Data Center that I.C.E. will conduct -- for a fee -- on behalf of the merchant. These predefined promotions allow the merchant to focus on its core business while quickly and effortlessly outsourcing targeted advertising from information available in the I.C.E. CRM database. An example would be a post card mailed to every person in the merchant's Gift and Loyalty database that has a birthday within the next 90 days inviting the customer to come in for a free desert or 10% off in honor of their birthday.

"The VT platform -- which we believe is a truly unique Gift and Loyalty program -- is the first 'terminal-free' approach to the market," said William Lopshire, CEO, I.C.E. "This offering distinguishes I.C.E. in the market place and allows us to continually enhance the platform through additional plug-ins without the need for the merchant to upgrade its existing hardware."

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I.C.E. is a provider of diversified products and services to the electronic transaction processing industry. I.C.E. establishes merchant accounts for businesses that enable them to accept credit cards, debit cards and other forms of electronic payments; supplies point-of-sale systems; facilitates processing; and markets a proprietary "Smart Card"-based system that enables merchants to offer store-branded Gift and Loyalty cards.

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