International Datacasting Corporation

International Datacasting Corporation

April 29, 2014 17:00 ET

International Datacasting Corporation Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year Fiscal 2014 Results

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 29, 2014) - International Datacasting Corporation ("IDC") (TSX:IDC), a global leader in digital content distribution solutions for the world's premiere broadcasters, today announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended January 31, 2014. All amounts in this release are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.

Financial Highlights:
(in millions, except for gross margin and net loss per share)
Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year
2014 2013 2014 2013
Products $ 2.3 $ 4.6 $ 11.4 $ 18.4
Services 1.3 1.3 4.6 4.6
Systems Project - 0.2 0.3 6.2
Total revenues $ 3.6 $ 6.1 $ 16.3 $ 29.2
Gross profit $ 1.1 $ 2.4 $ 6.8 $ 11.1
Gross margin 31 % 39 % 42 % 38 %
Operating expenses $ 3.7 $ 3.4 $ 12.2 $ 12.1
Adjusted EBITDA (Loss) (1) $ (1.6 ) $ (0.3 ) $ (3.9 ) $ 1.2
Net loss $ (5.4 ) $ (1.0 ) $ (8.2 ) $ (1.0 )
Net loss per share $ (0.09 ) $ (0.02 ) $ (0.14 ) $ (0.02 )
(1) Adjusted earnings (loss) before income taxes, depreciation and amortization ("Adjusted EBITDA (Loss)") is a non-GAAP financial measure. The reconciliation of Adjusted EBITDA (Loss) to Net Loss is provided at the end of this release.

Fourth Quarter Results

Revenues totaled $3.6 million for the fourth quarter of Fiscal 2014, a 44% increase from the third quarter and 42% lower than the prior year's fourth quarter. The fourth quarter reversed five consecutive quarters of declining revenues. IDC's Adjusted EBITDA loss was $1.6 million in the quarter, as compared to $2.2 million in the third quarter and $0.3 million in the prior year.

Full Year Results

Revenues of $16.3 million decreased by 44% from the prior year, due to the completion of the Direct-to- Home systems project in Kenya, as well as a 38% decrease in IDC product revenues. Services revenues were unchanged from the prior year results. Gross margins improved by four points to 42% in Fiscal 2014, due to the higher proportion of IDC product sales in the revenue mix.

IDC incurred a net loss of $8.2 million in Fiscal 2014, compared with a net loss of $1.0 million in Fiscal 2013. The increased net loss was primarily driven by lower revenues as well as by impairment of non - current assets. Working capital decreased from $11.1 million at January 31, 2013 to $7.0 million at January 31, 2014, due primarily to operating losses incurred in Fiscal 2014.

During Fiscal 2014, IDC performed a comprehensive strategic review and developed an action plan to restructure the business for improved performance. As of January 31, 2014, part of the action plan has been completed and part is underway, with completion forecast in the first half of Fiscal 2015. IDC's key accomplishments in Fiscal 2014 were as follows:

  • The leadership team has been renewed, with fewer top management roles and clearer accountability for designing, building, selling, and supporting new products. A new CEO, CFO, VP of Engineering and Operations, and VP of Products and Services have joined IDC.
  • The sales team has been restructured, and is now organized in a regional model that places additional emphasis on fast-growing emerging markets.
  • Key field issues which impacted IDC customers in late Fiscal 2013 and early Fiscal 2014 have been resolved, leading to the improved collection of receivables.
  • The product portfolio has been significantly improved, with two new products (the second generation STAR Pro Audio™ and LASER™ Two) now completed and available for volume shipments, and two more (the TITAN3 Encoder and LASER MPS) being prepared for anticipated mid-Fiscal 2015 availability.
  • We've started to consolidate manufacturing, inventory, and supply chain activity in Ottawa, which is anticipated to increase efficiencies and reduce costs when completed in mid-Fiscal 2015.
  • We've reduced cost across the company, resulting in more than $3 million of expected savings to IDC's annual cost structure. These measures have required us to reduce IDC's global workforce by about 25%.

Doug Lowther, IDC's President and CEO, stated, "At the beginning of Fiscal 2014, IDC faced significant challenges due to field performance issues, turnover of skilled resources, delays in introducing new products, and the cumulative effect of several years of rapidly changing leadership, strategy, and direction. Since then, we have assembled a strong leadership team, significantly improved product performance, and positioned IDC more competitively with a pipeline of great new products. We've comprehensively reviewed performance and taken action to improve it, including cost reductions that are designed to reduce IDC's quarterly breakeven point for Fiscal 2015 from $7 million to about $4.5 million in revenues".

Steven Archambault, IDC's Chief Financial Officer, added "During late Fiscal 2014, IDC made good progress against a challenging restructuring plan, and performance is starting to turn around. This is due to both strong cost controls and to improvements in the revenue outlook. While we anticipate IDC will incur an operating loss during the first quarter of Fiscal 2015, we expect IDC to reach breakeven performance by mid Fiscal 2015, and to achieve profitability in the third or fourth quarter. We also anticipate our working capital will stabilize during the second quarter of Fiscal 2015."

For further information on IDC's fourth quarter and fiscal year-end 2014 results, refer to the audited consolidated financial statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis that will be available on SEDAR ( after the Toronto Stock Exchange closes on April 29, 2014. The MD&A also provides a detailed update on IDC's progress against our action plan for improved business performance.

Management Conference Call

This announcement will be followed by a conference call at 8:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 to discuss the results. Mr. Doug Lowther, International Datacasting Corporation's President and CEO, cordially invites all interested parties to participate in the conference call.


DATE: Wednesday April 30, 2014

TIME: 8:30 a.m. ET

DIAL-IN NUMBERS: 613-233-1979 / 1-888-789-9572


INSTANT REPLAY: 1-800-408-3053 Passcode: 9007159 Available until May 2, 2014 10:00 a.m. ET

WEBCAST: A live audio webcast of the conference call will be available at the following link: Please connect to the website at least 15 minutes prior to the conference call to ensure adequate time for any software download that may be needed to access the webcast.

About International Datacasting Corporation:

International Datacasting Corporation (TSX:IDC) is a global leader in digital content distribution for the world's premiere broadcasters in radio, television, data and digital cinema. IDC's products and solutions are in demand for radio and television networks, targeted ad insertion, digital cinema, 3D live events, satellite news gathering, sports contribution, VOD, and IPTV. IDC is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with regional offices in Arnhem, the Netherlands and in San Diego, California. For more information visit:

Forward-Looking Statements:

This press release contains certain information that may constitute "forward-looking information" and/or "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws including, without limitation, management's beliefs with respect to strategy, efficiencies, results and costs savings in Fiscal 2015, management's expectations with respect to customer acceptance of, and the receipt of orders for, the company's products, and management's expectations with respect to the impact of new personnel and a restructured sales force. All forward-looking information and forward-looking statements are necessarily based on a number of estimates and assumptions that are inherently subject to significant business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies. The material assumptions used to develop the forward looking-statements made in this release include anticipated cost savings resulting from the initiatives taken by IDC under its action plan, anticipated impact of senior personnel, consolidation of operations and restructuring of the sales force, management's perceptions of current conditions and expected future developments, expectations regarding future shipments of IDC products, management's knowledge of the current credit, interest rate and liquidity conditions affecting IDC as well as other considerations that are believed to be appropriate in the circumstances.

All statements other than statements which are reporting results as well as statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements that may involve a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors; many of which are beyond the ability of IDC to control or predict.

Forward-looking statements are generally identifiable by use of the words "may", "will", "should", "continue", "expect", "anticipate", "estimate", "believe", "intend", "design", "plan or "project" or the negative of these words or other variations on these words or comparable terminology. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Risks and uncertainties that might cause actual results to differ materially include, but are not limited to: competitive developments; risks associated with IDC's growth; expectations regarding new product initiatives and timing, including the STAR Pro Audio™ Solution, LASER™ Targeted Ad Insertion Platform, Digital Tattoo™ DTH Over IP Gateway and TITAN-3 Video Encoder; a lengthy and variable sales cycle for IDC's products and services; any difficulties with integrating acquired product lines into IDC's business and/or manufacturing procedures; any difficulties or disputes with IDC's subcontractors, contract manufacturers and suppliers; IDC's dependence on the development and growth of the satellite services market; a lengthy and variable sales cycle for IDC's products and services; IDC's reliance on a small number of customers for a large percentage of its revenue; expectations with respect to the sufficiency of its financial resources and liquidity; regulatory risks and intellectual property infringement. Further, any incorrect identification of, or failure or delay in identifying, areas that require attention in IDC's business as part of the company's strategic review, or inability to successfully address areas requiring increased focus in accordance with IDC's action plan, could materially adversely affect the company's business, financial conditions, and results of operations as well as other key indicators.

More detailed information about potential factors that could affect IDC's financial and business results is included in the public documents IDC files from time to time with Canadian securities regulatory authorities and which are available on SEDAR at, including, without limitation, IDC's Annual Information Form and MD&A for the year ended January 31, 2014, each dated April 29, 2014.

Except as expressly required by applicable law, we undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Forward-looking statements are provided to assist external stakeholders in understanding IDC's expectations as at the date of this release and may not be appropriate for other purposes. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such statements.

AS AT JANUARY 31, 2014 and 2013
(Canadian dollars)
2014 2013
Current Assets
Cash$2,734,655 $4,943,025
Short-term investments 72,500 75,000
Available-for-sale investments - 1,986,510
Accounts receivable 3,289,596 6,145,251
Inventories 3,793,347 2,449,121
Other assets 438,268 443,519
Total Current Assets 10,328,366 16,042,426
Non-Current Assets
Other assets - 28,215
Capital assets 536,057 1,312,544
Deferred taxes - 2,800,000
Total Non-Current Assets 536,057 4,140,759
TOTAL ASSETS$10,864,423 $20,183,185
Current Liabilities
Accounts payable$1,159,025 $1,842,762
Accrued liabilities 1,545,234 1,842,544
Customer deposits 30,654 363,936
Deferred revenue - current portion 349,870 433,480
Provisions 254,575 440,167
Current tax liability 9,496 19,326
Total Current Liabilities 3,348,854 4,942,215
Non-Current Liabilities
Deferred tax liability 14,551 23,063
Deferred revenue 129,568 55,277
Total Non-Current Liabilities 144,119 78,340
TOTAL LIABILITIES 3,492,973 5,020,555
Shareholders' Equity
Capital stock 23,637,259 23,406,259
Contributed surplus 3,401,345 3,263,245
Accumulated other comprehensive loss (229,729) (243,209)
Accumulated deficit (19,437,425) (11,263,665)
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY 7,371,450 15,162,630
(Canadian dollars, except for share data)
Three months ended Twelve months ended
January 31, 2014 January 31, 2013 January 31, 2014 January 31, 2013
REVENUE$3,547,960 $6,149,435 $16,301,681 $29,235,682
COST OF REVENUE 2,467,808 3,786,189 9,469,094 18,145,913
GROSS PROFIT 1,080,152 2,363,246 6,832,587 11,089,769
Selling, general and administrative 2,243,538 2,361,015 7,487,209 7,956,362
Research and development, net of investment tax credits 1,263,870 1,078,180 4,587,514 4,140,484
Foreign exchange loss (gain) 161,508 (6,943) 130,781 (4,670)
Total operating expenses 3,668,916 3,432,252 12,205,504 12,092,176
OPERATING LOSS BEFORE OTHER ITEMS (2,588,764) (1,069,006) (5,372,917) (1,002,407)
Realized loss on sale of investments - - (25,344) (27,220)
Interest income 8,822 25,035 54,871 67,195
Interest expense - - (1,182) (5,720)
LOSS BEFORE INCOME TAXES (2,579,942) (1,043,971) (5,344,572) (968,152)
Income tax expense:
Current (21,275) (2,325) (37,700) (21,060)
Deferred (2,802,314) - (2,791,488) (26,283)
NET LOSS$(5,403,531)$(1,046,296)$(8,173,760)$(1,015,495)
Change in fair value of available-for-sale investments - - - (13,480)
Other comprehensive loss - - - (13,480)
COMPREHENSIVE LOSS$(5,403,531)$(1,046,296)$(8,173,760)$(1,028,975)
Weighted average number of shares outstanding - basic 58,484,642 57,384,642 58,294,779 57,908,795
Weighted average number of shares outstanding - diluted 58,484,642 57,384,642 58,294,779 57,908,795
(Canadian dollars)
Three months ended Twelve months ended
January 31, 2014 January 31, 2013 January 31, 2014 January 31, 2013
Net loss$(5,403,531)$(1,046,296)$(8,173,760) (1,015,495)
Add items not requiring an outlay of cash:
Impairment charge on non-current assets 3,253,772 - 3,253,772 -
Depreciation and amortization 120,202 494,475 562,209 895,704
Other deferred tax adjustments 2,314 (20,757) (8,512) 23,063
Realized loss on sale of available-for-sale investments - - 25,344 27,220
Unrealized losses on derivatives 51,919 (22,787) 77,095 102,509
Stock-based compensation 66,469 - 138,100 42,744
(1,908,855) (595,365) (4,125,752) 75,745
Net change in non-cash working capital:
Accounts receivable 387,365 (22,150) 2,855,655 (1,471,524)
Inventories 767,355 284,122 (1,344,226) 1,597,720
Other assets 161,862 120,647 33,466 237,075
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities (336,843) 207,050 (1,055,143) 544,770
Customer deposits 13,210 117,164 (333,282) (391,825)
Deferred revenue (49,537) (315,966) (9,319) (394,070)
Provisions (240,999) 16,312 (185,592) (220,307)
Current tax liability 8,828 1,789 (9,830) 19,326
Net cash provided by (applied to) operating activities (1,197,614) (186,397) (4,174,023) (3,090)
Proceeds from sale of available-for-sale investments - - 1,974,646 2,309,580
Proceeds of short-term investment 89,500 - 2,500 -
Purchase of available-for-sale investments - - (1,999,990)
Purchase of capital assets (85,738) (29,437) (239,494) (154,880)
Net cash provided by (applied to) investing activities 3,762 (29,437) 1,737,652 154,710
Repayments of obligations under capital leases - (8,888) (2,999) (36,717)
Issue of common shares, net of issue costs - - 231,000 4,480
Repurchase of common shares, net of costs - - - (16,124)
Net cash provided by (applied to) financing activities - (8,888) 228,001 (48,361)
Net increase (decrease) in cash during the period (1,193,852) (224,722) (2,208,370) 103,259
CASH - Beginning of period 3,928,507 5,167,747 4,943,025 4,839,766
CASH - End of period$2,734,655 $4,943,025 $2,734,655 $4,943,025
International Datacasting Corporation
Non-GAAP Financial Measure Reconciliation
Adjusted Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA)
For the periods ended January 31, 2014 and 2013
(Canadian dollars)
Three months ended Twelve months ended
January 31, 2014 January 31, 2013 January 31, 2014 January 31, 2013
Net loss reported under IFRS (unaudited)$(5,403,531)$(1,046,296)$(8,173,760)$(1,015,495)
Add (subtract):
Writedown of deferred tax assets 2,800,000 - 2,800,000 -
Depreciation expense 120,202 494,475 562,209 895,704
Write-down of capital assets 453,772 - 453,772 -
Inventory impairment charge, net of recoveries 277,291 112,564 282,961 233,080
Termination costs relating to senior management 162,880 178,913 183,505 178,913
Interest expense - - 1,182 5,720
Other income tax expense 23,589 2,325 29,188 47,343
Net investment income (8,822) (25,035) (29,527) (39,975)
Dissident shareholder expense - - - 403,439
Restructuring expense - 20,000 - 307,665
Incremental external business acquisition expense - - - 213,940
Adjusted EBITDA (Loss)$(1,574,619)$(263,054)$(3,890,470)$1,230,334

In this release, IDC has presented Adjusted EBITDA, which is a "non-GAAP financial measure" and accordingly it is not an earnings measure recognized by IFRS and does not carry standard prescribed significance. Moreover, IDC's method for calculating Adjusted EBITDA may differ from that used by other companies using the same designation. Accordingly, we caution readers that Adjusted EBITDA should not be substituted for determining net income (loss) as an indicator of operating results or as a substitution for cash flows from operating and investing activities.

We believe Adjusted EBITDA is a meaningful and useful financial metric to investors and analysts for measuring and predicting its operating performance by excluding income taxes, depreciation and amortization as well as unusual and/or non-recurring charges as noted in the above table.

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