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Run This Way

October 03, 2017 08:05 ET

International day of nonviolence: Run This Way school program launch a world race for peace & nonviolence

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Oct. 2, 2017) -

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Today as the world is witnessing the dangerous threats of nuclear warfare among some world leaders. Run This Way school program is launching a «race around the world» to highlight the adoption of the global treaty on elimination of nuclear weapons by Nations of all religions, cultures and ethnicities.

Schools from Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec, Abitibi and around Canada are invited to register and pledge number of kilometer students will run for peace, nonviolence and for the elimination of nuclear weapon.

This year Run This way goal is to compiled 40,075 km run by students and youth organization! Why 40,075 km? Because it's planet earth circumference! Because 40,075 Km ran by students and youth throughout Canada and the world will be handed over to the signatory states of the treaty at the UN.

Why is it important to eliminate nuclear weapons? If a nuclear bomb explodes in North America, or if computers would transmitted 'false data' the lives of several hundred million people or even the population of the whole continent would be in danger. Culture, music, video and education may disappear, there will be no more schools, no more park, no more games. In a blink of an eye hundreds of species of animal and plant would vanish. We could lose the Internet, our cellphones and especially our civilization!

Run This Way is pleased to invited teachers and educators to register at:

Run This Way is a free program - every student, school and youth organization can participate. Prior to registration school responsible will receive a booklet with activities guide for nonviolence and presentation of "History of Global Disarmament".

About Run This Way school program

Run This Way school activities program (proposes running as a method of raising awareness for education for active nonviolence, for peace and to support physical activity among students.

Run This Way school program was launch following the World March for peace and nonviolence in 2011. In fact several initiatives were set up to pursue the global awareness for Active nonviolence and global nuclear disarmament. Today, the responsible of the school program are very proud to witness the commitment of young people that marches and ran to helped raise awareness for global peace, nonviolence and global disarmament!

Since 2011, several thousands of students from Quebec, Ireland, Argentina, France and Ecuador have participated in our activities for peace and nonviolence. (

About the international day of elimination of nuclear weapons

«On this day, Sept 26th in 1983, at half - past midnight Moscow time, the world nearly ended.Colonel Stanislav Petrov, received from the secret Soviet satellite ground station warning of a US nuclear attack.Suddenly, sirens started wailing and lights started to flash as his computers warned of an incoming US nuclear attack. Petrov was expected to tell his superiors and colleagues in the high command that the Soviet Union was under nuclear attack from the US. They would then have initiated an unstoppable computerised sequence that would have launched up to 15,000 very large nuclear warheads at the US (and its allies including Australia), making the rubble bounce roughly sixty times over. The smoke from burning cities would then rise high into the stratosphere, initiating a period of darkness and cold in which those not immediately incinerated could well perish. It would have been the end of civilisation and possibly of humans as a species.

He didn't do it. The computers indicated only five missiles, and there was no confirmatory radar data. Instead he reported that he was 'transmitting false data'. But he wasn't by any means sure, and the next 20 minutes was the most terrifying wait a human could endure.

His decision was the right one, and its how come we are all still here. It had been the sun at exactly 180 degrees, reflecting off highly unusual vertical cloud formations directly over the US missile launch site.

Exactly 30 years later, on 26 Sept 2013, the exact 30th anniversary of his brush with the apocalypse, a high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament was held in New York.» (source :

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