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IDenta Corp.

November 16, 2015 12:58 ET

International Drug & Explosives Detection Company IDenta Corp. Announces IDenta's Sniffer Detects and Identifies the TATP Explosive Used by the Terrorists Last Friday in Paris, France

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Nov 16, 2015) - IDenta Corp. (OTC PINK: IDTA) CEO Yaacov Shoham today made the following important announcement: Last Friday in Paris, France, all of the eight terrorists used TATP explosives, causing huge casualties and damages.

IDenta has again tested the TATP explosive with IDenta's Sniffer. The results were excellent. IDenta has tested the TATP explosive as a substance (visible at a very small quantity) and as traces (invisible). The test was conducted many times. All the tests were without false positives and with immediate results.

Most or maybe all of the electronic sniffers used today by the different agencies around the world are using scanners designed to detect nitrogenous explosives. TATP is chemically notable as one of the few high explosives not containing nitrogen -- making it popular with terrorists as it can pass through scanners designed to detect nitrogenous explosives.

IDenta's Sniffer is based on a chemical process which makes it possible to detect and identify with very reliable results different explosives including TATP.

Mr. Shoham stated, "The IDenta Sniffer is a valuable and unique tool for fighting worldwide terrorism."

The link to the YouTube video, describing IDenta's Sniffer is:

Here are some facts about the TATP - ACETONE PEROXIDE explosive:

  • Acetone peroxide -- otherwise known as triacetone triperoxide or peroxyacetone -- is an organic peroxide, and can be used as a primary high explosive
  • It commonly appears as a white crystalline powder and has a distinct smell of bleach
  • It is highly volatile, and particularly susceptible to heat, friction and shock
  • It is created through the chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and acetone
  • It is chemically notable as one of the few high explosives not containing nitrogen -- making it popular with terrorists as it can pass through scanners designed to detect nitrogenous explosives
  • As little as four grams can cause a detonation when ignited
  • TATP base ingredients can include drain cleaner, bleach and acetone
  • It has been linked with various terrorist attacks including those attributed to al-Qaeda
  • The substance was included as the trigger in the shoe bomb that Briton Richard Reid attempted to set off on a flight to Miami in December 2001
  • It was also used in the 2005 London terrorist bombings, which claimed 52 lives
  • Its highly unstable nature has earned it the nickname "Mother of Satan"

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