SOURCE: International Fuel Technology Inc.

August 22, 2005 09:14 ET

International Fuel Technology Receives Commitment for Initial Purchase Order of 34 Tons of DiesolIFT™ From Kyoto Fuel Technologies Ltd.

Kyoto Fuel Technologies Ltd. Appointed Exclusive Distributor in the British Isles for International Fuel Technology, Inc.

ST. LOUIS, MO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 22, 2005 -- International Fuel Technology Inc. (OTC BB: IFUE), a fuel science and research company, today announced that it has received a commitment for an initial purchase order of 34 tons of DiesolIFT™ from Kyoto Fuel Technologies Ltd. (KFTL). KFTL recently signed an exclusive agreement with Fuel Technologies Ltd (FTL), one of IFT's distribution partners. KFTL will become the exclusive distributor of IFT's fuel additives in the British Isles and Ireland comprising the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man (collectively the "Territories"). KFTL has signalled its confidence in IFT products by committing to the initial purchase order of 34 tons of DiesolIFT™ This will be sufficient to enhance approximately 20 million litres of diesel fuel with IFT's fuel saving technology which also reduces CO2 emissions over untreated fuel, allowing responsible users to help the environment.

Jeff Johnson, Tim Burrow and Nick Speakman are the executive officers of KFTL, a company incorporated in England. Jeff Johnson, the CEO of KFTL, has an extensive background and knowledge of the international automotive, distribution and transport sectors, including rail, shipping and aviation, gained at senior executive/CEO/President level in his career with Ford Motor Company and Rover Group in the automotive industry and with Lombard North Central Plc. and GATX Capital Corporation in the corporate asset finance sector. Tim Burrow has over 20 years of business experience in marketing and technology related businesses, both in Europe and South Africa. Nick Speakman, well connected in the food processing, distribution, and transport sectors, has a wide range of international experience in physical commodity trading and agricultural businesses.

Jeff Johnson, KFTL's CEO, said, "We are excited about distributing IFT's additives throughout the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland. The test results attained by Prodrive (UK) and Southwest Research Institute (U.S.) are convincing testimony to the viability and applicability of IFT's technology in the Territories and throughout Europe. We have seen firsthand the tremendous interest already generated by IFT's additives in certain African markets and we expect to do the same in the British Isles and Ireland." The initial focus of KFTL will be with DiesolIFT™ This will be on road transport, and specifically the bus industry where the UK Government's major goals include the protection of the environment and contributing towards meeting the UK's Kyoto targets.

Jonathan Burst, IFT's CEO, said, "We continue to attract highly experienced and successful business people to work with IFT on distributing our additives. The increasing price of oil has given commercialization of our additives added impetus. We are confident that KFTL and its executives will expedite commercialization opportunities for us in the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland."

Dion Friedland, Chairman of FTL stated: "We are delighted to have Jeff Johnson, Tim Burrow and Nick Speakman take on the exclusive distribution of IFT products in the British Isles. Their extensive business experience and contacts throughout the UK and Europe should enable them to quickly expand IFT's reach throughout the British Isles and bring the benefit of IFT's technology to help alleviate the high cost of fuel for commerce and consumers and assist the British and Irish Governments comply with Kyoto protocol standards."

KFTL joins IFT's other distributors in Asia (First Asia Fuel Corporation), Africa (Fuel Technologies Ltd), the U.S. (Soliton), South and Central America and selected African countries (Trafigura/Puma), the Middle East (Petrochem) and selected European countries (Expertises Technologies et Services and European Consultants) in assisting IFT in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide.

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