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International Kirkland Minerals Inc.

January 23, 2008 14:12 ET

International Kirkland Minerals Inc.: Company Initiates 2008 Drilling at Rupert Uranium Property

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 23, 2008) - INTERNATIONAL KIRKLAND MINERALS INC. (TSX VENTURE:IKI)("IKI" or the "Company") wishes to announce that the 2008 diamond drilling has resumed at the Company's 900 km2 Rupert River Uranium Project ("Rupert Project") located in the James Bay Mining District of northern Quebec.

The drill program will consist of a 1,365 m / 15 hole campaign up to 100m deep for each hole and covering two uranium anomalies, the Rupert River and De La Hutte Lake anomalies, running outside but parallel to the Lacroix Lake Uranium Anomaly, part of a 10 km wide a major uranium corridor defined by airborne radiometrics, lake-bottom sediment and bedrock assays, in claim block 32O12A, located 8 km SE of Hydro-Quebec's Albanel Station, along the "Highway du Nord", which provides road access to the town of Chibougamau, 250 km to the SE. Drill hole coordinates are tabulated as follows:

The 8 km2 Rupert River Anomaly is located 4 km east of the Lacroix Lake East Anomaly (drill hole IKI-45 with 0.015% U3O8 over 11.7 m), where the 10 drill holes will test the western edge of the radiometric uranium high, which is the second stongest anomaly in intensity on the Rupert Project. The De la Hutte Anomaly is 2 km in length by 500 m in width and will be road accessed, 2 km NW of drill hole IKI-32 (0.096% U3O8 over 2.45 m) from the Lacroix Lake West Anomaly. Once completed, the claim block 32O12A will have been tested in its entirety.

The assay and scintillometre results from the 2007 drilling were incorporated in a project-wide data base that also included the airborne and previous ground sampling/assaying and geophysics. The entire data base was re-processed by Uranium Logging & Consulting, of Denver (Colorado) to better define the current 2008 drill targets, which represent the 3rd and 4th of 17 property-wide and kilometric-sized uranium targets that originally included the Lacroix Lake Uranium Anomaly. The program (drilling and mobilisation) is expected to take about 2 months to complete and may be amended based on assay results and spectrometer readings received throughout the program.

The Rupert River Uranium Property

The Rupert River Uranium Property is underlain by major NE-SW trending gneisses, granitoids and pegmatites, historically known for their anomalous radioactive content, and numerous circular and near vertical planar structural features. The Property was part of a previous 106,200 km2 regional geochemical survey completed in the late 1970's, where 18,450 lake-bottom sediment samples were taken for analytical work (MRNQ files from 1976 to 1980).

Highlights from the historical and current work include the discovery of the " Zita " occurrence in 1979 (MRNQ files 1979, 1980) at Lacroix Lake (claim block 32O12A), where one lake-bottom sediment sample returned 4% U3O8 or 8 lbs U3O8 per ton. Field work by previous vendors uncovered a 10 km long SPP2-scintillometer anomaly ranging from 750 to 10,000 cps (Berube and Lafleur, 2006), overprinting geochemical anomalies (from lake-bottom, soil and bedrock samples) and airborne radiometric signatures from the 2007 airborne geophysical survey. Historical sampling of surrounding radioactive metric wide pegmatites and centimetric uraninite NE and NW trending fractures gave up to 0.33% U3O8 or 6.6 lbs U3O8 per ton.

The Property contains the potential for vein- and disseminated-type uranium linked to pegmatites and NE and NW fractures. The known uranium occurrences are generally associated with magnetic and radiometric highs, hematized and brecciated fault zones and geochemical signatures (uranium, copper, zinc, nickel, molybdenum and cobalt) that could potentially lead to larger scale and near surface uranium mineralization. The Company is using a Rossing-type exploration approach. Rossing is a disseminated lower grade uranium system of at least 300 million tonnes in pegmatites within a 2.5 km by 1 km orebody grading between 0.015% U3O8 and 0.039 U3O8 (or 0.33 lbs U3O8 per ton and 0.77 lbs U3O8 per ton) (refer to the Rossing website at

To date, 6,760 metres in 91 diamond drill holes have been drilled on the 4.5 km2 main Lacroix Lake East and West Anomalies. The best drill intersection was linked to granite pegmatites containing millimetric uraninite fractures at the Lacroix Lake Western Anomaly, yielding grades of 0.096% U3O8 (1.92 lbs U3O8 per ton) over 2.45 m (IKI-32), including 0.394% U3O8 (7.88 lbs U3O8 per ton) over 0.35 m, and 0.014% U3O8 (0.28 lbs U3O8 per ton) over 7.50 m (IKI-12) drilled approximately 700 m NE of IKI-32. Additional in-fill drilling at the 750 m long Lacroix Lake West Anomaly was undertaken, as well as at the Lacroix Lake East Anomaly located 4 km east of IKI-32. Of the 38 short drill holes completed at the East Anomaly, only drill holes IKI-45 and IKI-79 (drilled 1 km from IKI-45) were of significance yielding 0.015% U3O8 (0.30 lbs U3O8 per ton) over 11.7 m and 0.013% U3O8 (0.26 lbs U3O8 per ton) over 7.5 m, respectively.

The Company has received assays from 88 of 91 total drill holes. Assays from the final 3 drill holes are still pending.

The information in this news release has been prepared and revised by Mr. Jean Lafleur, P. Geo., the Company's principal mineral exploration consultant in Quebec, and Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101.


Dan M. Clark, President & CEO

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