SOURCE: Tubal Reversal Specialist Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld

Tubal Reversal Specialist Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld

August 30, 2011 10:08 ET

Internationally Renowned Tubal Reversal Specialist, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, Launches New Interactive Website

Providing Tubal Reversal Resources in an Informative and Interactive New Website, Dr. Rosenfeld Works to Simplify the Process, Answer Questions for Patients Everywhere

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2011) - Internationally renowned tubal reversal specialist Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld launches new informative, interactive website to provide easy access to resources, other tubal reversal patients and staff.

As a recognized board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist with over 30 years of experience in tubal reversal procedures, Dr. Rosenfeld is able to help women understand their particular success rate and how the procedure will impact their busy life.

Renowned for his unique tubal reversal procedure utilizing the ultra fine 10-0 Nylon sutures generally reserved for delicate eye surgeries at elite medical facilities, Dr. Rosenfeld has achieved a success rate of over 80 percent -- in live births.

The newly enhanced website not only describes the details of the tubal reversal procedure, but also gives users access to patients who have undergone Dr. Rosenfeld's procedure and either delivered or are awaiting the delivery of their first tubal reversal baby.

"We know what an important decision this is and want to do everything we can to connect women to the resources they need," said Dr. Rosenfeld.

"I can explain every detail of the procedure and provide the full support of the staff, but also giving new patients access to those who have already gone through the process is really one of the best resource tools we have. They're happy and they share their experience with others," added Rosenfeld.

Because Dr. Rosenfeld chooses to use the technically demanding ultra fine sutures, he limits the number of tubal reversal procedures he performs a day to two -- though he prefers only one.

This combined with his use of the On-Q PainBuster pump, allowing women to more quickly resume daily activity, has yielded unprecedented results gaining international recognition.

According to his staff, Dr. Rosenfeld is always willing to create more space on a wall dedicated to baby photos of his patients' tubal reversal births -- sharing the excitement of each and every birth.

Recognized as a Texas Top Doctor and recipient of a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his work in preventing sterilization without consent in a highly debated legal challenge, Dr. Rosenfeld is a respected member of the Texas Medical Center community.

To learn more about Dr. Rosenfeld and view the new website, log onto Or call 866-790-0095 to schedule a personal consult.