June 02, 2006 09:02 ET

Internet Communications Pioneer, Jeff Pulver, Makes Final Push for Submissions to Viral "Save The Net" Marketing Contest

Final Submissions Due June 6; Winner to Receive $1,000 Cash Prize

WASHINGTON, DC and MELVILLE, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 2, 2006 -- Internet Communications pioneer and entrepreneur, Jeff Pulver, has issued a reminder to the Internet community to submit short, creative ideas -- videos, cartoons, songs, flash ads, other Internet-based gimmicks -- that effectively communicate to government and communications policy leaders in Washington, that they must write rules to enable the Internet innovators to transform the Internet and communications experience. Applicants may log on to: for more information. The submission deadline is June 6.

According to Pulver, Congress is ensconced in debating Internet and communications policy and might rewrite the rules governing the Internet over the next few months or year. "We need to win the hearts and influence the minds of Congress and the policymakers," stated Pulver. "So far, the Internet appears to be losing and gaining no ground. Most in Congress do not get what the Internet could become if innovators are allowed to innovate and users are allowed to maximize their Internet experience. We have to let them see a glimpse of what the next-generation Internet could be."

Pulver Seeks The Voice and Message of The Internet Community

Pulver, who was successful two years ago in the FCC's adoption of the "Pulver Order," which designated computer-to-computer Internet communications services as "Information Services" not subject to telecom regulation, is seeking to hear the voice and message of the Internet community

The contest itself is very open-ended. There is nothing pre-established about what people should say or what positions they should invoke in their ads/messages. Bell companies, the cable companies and the media conglomerates have launched multi-million dollar ad campaigns to win the hearts and minds of Congress as it rewrites the communications laws and sets the rules that will govern the future of the open Internet. They each claim to speak for the Internet and that, if Congress acts appropriately, the future of the Internet will be assured and protected. But, there are no ads during the Sunday morning talk shows from the true Internet innovators and thought leaders -- "us."

While Pulver acknowledges that we don't have millions of dollars, we do have access to the collective genius of the untapped millions of Internet enthusiasts and innovators. "We need to figure out how to cheaply harness that genius to take over the messaging in DC and around the world," adds Pulver.

As it is, Congress and policymakers are already falling for the Madison Avenue ad campaigns of the corporate conglomerates who are claiming to speak for the future of the Internet.

It is time for us -- the Internet community -- to start speaking for ourselves.

Puler wants short creative ideas -- videos, flash ads, other Internet-based gimmicks -- that might effectively communicate to Congress that they must write rules to enable us -- the Internet innovators -- to transform the Internet and communications experience.

We need to plant the seeds in hopes that a thousand flowers might bloom. Even if we get only one great 3-minute video, that could be enough to convince Congress what is at stake as it rewrites rules that might forever shape the nature of the Internet. That single, clever video would certainly be more than we have now.

Please remember to enter the contest by June 6th.

Contest Rules:

Applicants must complete and submit the online entry form at:, along with one of the following with each entry: your video or other advertising message in English (Flash Ad/Video/Message). With each entry form, you must submit a Flash Ad/Video/Message of no more than three (3) minutes or 1000 words demonstrating why and how public policy should be written to save and fulfill the promise of the Internet and advance communications. (Note: 30 Second and 60 Second spots are highly recommended for viewing purposes)

The winning recipient of the cash prize of $1,000.00 (and glory) will go to whoever comes up with the message (viral video ad or other creative marketing tool) that is used to spread the word and save the Internet. In order to be eligible for the prize (and also to ensure maximum impact during the great policy debate, both in DC and around the globe), entries must be submitted by June 6, 2006. For contest details, see the Save the Net Contest Rules.

About Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver is one of the true pioneers of the Internet telephony/VoIP industry with more than a decade of hands-on experience in IP Communications and innovation. He is the chairman of, pulvermedia, the industry standard Voice on the Net (VON) conferences, and the publisher of The Pulver Report and VON magazine. Additionally, Mr. Pulver is the founder of a number of IP Communications companies. Mr. Pulver has testified before the FCC, the United States Congress, and numerous agencies that have a growing interest in IP Communications. Mr. Pulver is committed to the future of IP Communications and is featured often in the media as a true expert in his field.

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