January 26, 2006 06:00 ET

Internet Systems Consortium, NIC Chile and LACNIC Partner to Improve DNS Service in Chile

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 26, 2006 --Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), NIC Chile and LACNIC have installed a new root server in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Joao Damas, F-root Programme Manager, stated, "We are happy to be installing a new F-root node in this region of the world. This will provide enhanced and more dependable DNS service to the Internet in the region as well as globally. This is our first deployment within the framework of LACNIC's +Raices project and we are glad to be on the way to enhancing the DNS service throughout Latin America."

Raul Echeberría, CEO of LACNIC, stated, "The +Raices program is just another of LACNIC's initiatives to promote the Information Society and the development of Internet in the Latin-American and the Caribbean region. This is the first root server installed in Latin America under this program and we are very happy to have worked together with ISC and NIC Chile in this endeavor. NIC Chile and LACNIC have a long tradition of friendship, cooperation and collaboration in the region. We are now working to set up 3 additional nodes of F-root in Latin America in the next few months. This kind of effort is in accordance with the objective of having a more stable and robust Internet in our region."

Margarita Valdes, Legal and Business Manager of NIC Chile, said, "NIC Chile is happy to be able to work together with ISC and LACNIC on this project, to strengthen the quality and the reliability of the Internet infrastructure in our region. We view this as part of the commitment of the University of Chile to serve the community, and also as part of the effort the country as a whole is making to deploy a world-class communications infrastructure. We thank companies like Adexus for their support and congratulate the ISPs that will connect to this server improving the service they provide to their customers: Equant, NAP, TIE, Entel, Telmex and Terra, and we invite others to join them."

Virtually every Internet transaction, from sending an email to finding a website, begins with a Domain Name System (DNS) query. A DNS query is the method computers use to translate a human readable name, such as, to a network address that a computer can find. This new F-root server will store the information needed to answer the question of where several hundred top-level domains, including '.cl,' '.net' or '.com' can be found.

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3), public benefit corporation with a long history of developing and maintaining the production quality Open Source software -- BIND and DHCP. ISC has increased its focus to include enhancing the stability of the global DNS directly through reliable F-root name server operations and ongoing operation of a DNS crisis coordination center, ISC's OARC for DNS. ISC is also engaged with further protocol development efforts, particularly in the areas of DNS evolution and facilitating the transition to IPv6. ISC is supported by the donations of generous sponsors, program membership fees and specific fees for services. For program or donation information, please visit our website at

LACNIC is the Regional Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean. LACNIC is an international non-profit organization responsible for the management of the Internet Number Resources in its service region. LACNIC is also engaged in several activities and programs that pursue the improvement and better development of the Internet and the Information Society in the region. These activities include, among other things, training activities, funding research projects, promotion of new technologies, and organization of important technical and policies forums.

NIC Chile is the division of the University of Chile responsible for managing the Internet domain registry for Chile's ccTLD, .cl, one of the oldest and largest ccTLDs in the Latin American region.

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