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DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Mar 22, 2013) - Leading reputation management firm is now offering immediate removal from Texas mugshot websites. maintains websites in almost every state, and recently, the franchise moved into Texas. At the moment, publishes arrest information from 12 counties, with more likely to follow in the days to come. In order to help people who appear on this distasteful site, is proud to announce a new product line that provides immediate record removal, and that work is guaranteed.

Executives at are quick to point out that many people are arrested in Texas each day for very terrible crimes that they most certainly did commit. However, people who are arrested like this often have other hoops to jump through in order to pay back their debt to society, meaning that there's no reason for to add insult.

"Recently, I read an article in the San Antonio Express about a woman convicted of a sex abuse crime, and the things she had to do in order to comply with her sentence," says an executive at "Texas laws are very strict on this score, and this woman faces some serious penalties if she breaks the law. In fact, a lot of her life just isn't workable at this point. I don't see why mugshot websites like need to publish her photo to make the community safe when it's so clear that the laws are doing a good job of ensuring that people pay their debt to society."

Additionally, there's no evidence that all of the people who show up on are even guilty of the crimes they're accused of.

"According to statistics released in 1998, about 2 percent of cases that come to trial result in an acquittal, and many other cases are pled out before charges are even filed," says an representative. "Unfortunately, doesn't monitor their site for acquittals, so they're very likely publishing arrest information that's meaningless, as the charges didn't result in a conviction."

Taking action against is difficult, as the state's open-records policy allows site administrators to scrape photos and use them in any way they see fit.

"Some people have gotten so upset about this policy that they've created a petition," says an representative. "Essentially, they're asking the Denton Police Department to stop publishing photos in public places, so they won't be copied into websites like this. It's a gutsy move, for sure, but I'm not sure how successful these steps will be in the long run. Until the laws change, these sites are likely to stay in business." offers a unique and effective solution to online privacy and issues.

That's why the new product from can be so helpful. With this product, people can pay a small fee and their photos are removed mere minutes later. There's no waiting, no pain and no judgment. The photos just come down upon request. It's an excellent new option for people who have been the targets of Visit to find out more.

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