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November 10, 2016 18:01 ET

InternetRetailing White Paper Explains How Retailer Investment in Mobile Yields Highest Return

Mobify collaborates with InternetRetailing on market insight, expert analysis, best practice advice and case studies to show how crucial mobile is to retail

VANCOUVER, BC and READING, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2016) - A new white paper from Mobify and InternetRetailing explains why investing in mobile in 2017 will deliver the highest return on digital and ecommerce investments and provides a roadmap for creating an effective mobile engagement strategy. Available for free as part of InternetRetailing's "Vendor's Voice" series, "Mobile and the Digital Investment Imperative: Why Mobile Trumps other 2017 Digital Investments" outlines how investments in mobile filter into other aspects of business and generate increased revenue, retention and loyalty, enabling retailers and brands to better keep pace with competition.

InternetRetailing is the leading title for professionals in multichannel retail and ecommerce across the UK & Europe. Mobify helps retailers and brands build strong customer relationships to increase revenue online and in-store.

"Much has been written about how mobile is becoming the central point of the modern omni-channel retailer, but we now have proof," said Paul Skeldon, mobile editor of and managing editor of "Mobile has, in many developed markets such as the UK, tipped past 50% in mobile's favour; mobile is an intrinsic part of all shopping journeys regardless for where the actual payment takes place; and last -- though perhaps most importantly -- for most consumers a retailer's mobile presence has to be there whenever they want to use it."

According to Mobify CEO Igor Faletski, "While mobile opens up a world of possibilities for consumers, it also fractures customer behaviour into hundreds of intent-driven mobile moments, making it difficult for retailers to create sustained mobile customer engagement. Through a combination of market insight, expert analysis, best practice advice and case studies, this white paper helps sellers understand how the purchase funnel is changing, where customers are engaging, which technologies are hitting the mark, and how mobile is succeeding."

Why Make Mobile the Priority
Mobile drives sales through increased conversions and by delivering new customers and increasing customer value, the white paper explains. It outlines five key reasons why mobile should be at the front and centre of 2017 investment priorities:

1) The purchase funnel is changing
Where consumers would once pass down the purchase funnel in a linear way, now they move through it in a series of loops, often missing stages. Designing to meet the demands it brings up is key to mobile engagement.

2) Understand your customers
Uncovering customers' expectations is the first step to delivering a positive customer experience. When thinking about technology, consider how much customers engage with technology already -- do they regularly use Snapchat or are they barely using Facebook on a desktop computer? The systems they regularly interact with shape their expectations.

3) What customers want
The themes of simplicity, convenience, and context require understanding what kind of moment the shopper is having right now. Is this person just looking for information or do they really want to buy something right now? Combining the best of customer experience, marketing automation, and customer engagement with a mobile platform is the only way to put customers first.

4) Get the right technology
There are lots of amazing experiences enabled through technology, but most are too novel to enhance a shopper's experience, at least for the time being. If you do choose to try something novel, be sure it's a 'surprise and delight' effect, not a 'surprise and confuse' situation.

5) Mobile holds the key
Consumers are moving increasingly to mobile as their main point of contact with retailers. It may not necessarily be the point at which they purchase -- although that is growing towards 50% in the UK too -- but it is where they will interact at some point with your business.

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