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March 16, 2010 12:20 ET Shows College Students How to Gain Hands-On Experience and Become Job-Ready

Site Unveils Innovative Prep Course and Intern Certification Program* (*See Below: We Invite College Papers to Offer Readers $50 Credit to Reduce Course Fee to $29)

NEWTOWN, PA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) -  Today's competitive job market demands more than a college degree. There is no substitute for experience. Students who go beyond classroom learning will set themselves apart competitively, as well as prepare for successful entry into professional life.

That is the very purpose of, a career preparation and certification program to enable students to launch their career on a foundation of achievement.

"Most students simply lack the guidance and know-how to take charge of their career path," explains Matthew Zinman, founder of The Internship Institute, a non-profit charity dedicated to closing the gaps between graduate skills and market needs. "We've developed this training program to change that by giving them every advantage to attain post-graduate success."

The preparation and certification course involves three training sessions, each about one-hour in length. Session I covers "Intern Essentials" to show students how to gain hands-on work experience. Session II, "Intern Experience," involves step-by-step guidance to make 'real work' most meaningful. Session III, "Intern Career Skills," trains students to improve 20 competencies so they can perform at their very best in a professional setting.

The course also provides access to the "Success Readiness Center" where users can view and download more than 70 exclusive course support resources to use now and keep for future benefit. The final step is a course validation involving a series of review questions that increase learning retention. Students then earn their Certificate of Intern Readiness, which will enhance their résumé, portfolio and market value.

Ricardo Martinez, a junior at Temple University, affirms, "I would have gotten a lot more out of my first two internships if I knew about this, but at least I'm ready for the third. The 'Career Launch Roadmap' they have makes perfect sense."

"We're on a mission to revitalize America's global competitiveness one college student at a time," Mr. Zinman asserts. "The only way to attain that goal is to make this affordable, accessible and achievable."

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