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InterOil Corporation

June 12, 2006 09:58 ET

InterOil Corporation Elk-1 ST-1 Well Drilling Report No. 6 12 June 2006

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - June 12, 2006) - InterOil Corporation (TSX:IOL) (AMEX:IOC) -

Elk Prospect

Type: Oil / Gas exploration well

Location: PPL 238, Eastern Papua Basin
145 degrees 08' 27.6" E; 007 degrees 06'
0.5" S

Current Status: Well is shut in while preparing to stabilize
well and subsequently perform a Drill Stem
Test to evaluate in more detail the gas that
flowed to surface while drilling at 5,558 feet
(1,694 meters). The DST will be performed in
the Marl/Puri Limestone open hole interval
from 5,381 feet to 5,558 feet (1,640m to
1,694m) to obtain detailed pressures, flow
rates, composition of the wet gas -
(methane-C1, ethane-C2, propane-C3, butane-C4
and pentane-C5,+) and other reservoir
parameters. Following the DST the intent is to
continue to drill ahead.

Activities since last Successfully squeezed and repaired the top of
report: the 7 inch liner with cement. Drilled out from
below 7 inch liner into the primary targeted
Marl/Puri Limestone formations from 5,381 feet
to 5,558 feet (1,640 meters to 1,694 meters).
Lost circulation at 5,558 feet (1,694 meters)
which induced wet gas into the wellbore. While
circulating out the gas kick, the well flowed
wet gas to surface at 2,000 psi through an
approximate 1 inch choke for 15 minutes to 30
minutes. The well was then shut in. The shut
in casing pressure is 3,150 psi.
(Other technical data will be posted on the
InterOil web site under Elk.)

Past Data: Drilled 12 1/4" hole to 4,075 feet
(1,242 meters). Set a cement plug from
approximately 2,766 to 2,560 feet
(840 to 780 meters) to establish the kickoff
point. Drilled 12 1/4" sidetrack hole to 3,478
feet (1,060 meters). Set 9 5/8" casing at
3,478 feet (1,060 meters). Ran 7" liner
(casing) to 5,393 feet (1,640 meters) and

Planned Total Depth: Approximately 9,843 feet (3,000 meters).

Operator: InterOil subsidiary, SPI (208) Limited.

Prospect Description: This well is targeting the Puri/Mendi
fractured limestone.

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