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August 05, 2009 08:30 ET

InterSense Inc. and Hoffmann 3-D Collaborate to Deliver Technologically Advanced Immersive Display at Desert Research Institute

Second Six-Sided Immersive Environment Installed at Renowned Environmental Research Institute Features Wireless Tracking System and High-Resolution Imagery

BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwire - August 5, 2009) - InterSense Inc., a market leader in precision motion technology, announced today the successful installation of a custom configured, inertial-acoustic IS-900 tracking system and six-sided virtual reality environment at the Desert Research Institute (DRI), the renowned environmental research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education. As part of a collaboration with systems integrator Hoffmann 3-D, this project marks InterSense's sixth installation in an environment of this complexity and the second at DRI. Combined with the hundreds of InterSense-enabled immersive displays installed globally over the past ten years, this latest system reinforces the company's position as a market leader in motion tracking for 3-D immersive environments.

Featuring a high-resolution display of over 22 million pixels, the true 3-D virtual reality surround screen chamber provides subjects an interactive, completely tetherless visualization experience with an unmatched level of detail and realism. The InterSense IS-900 system enables the chamber to project six channels of stereo images onto its walls, providing the correct viewing perspective for the subject in real time with virtually no latency. Acoustic referencing transmitters are unobtrusively installed in the seams around the ceiling to deliver accurate, robust, 6 Degree-of-Freedom tracking. The small size (1 cm in diameter) and hidden location of each transmitter within the display effectively eliminates any visual impact of the tracking system on the user, creating a superior user experience compared to alternative tracking technologies.

"We are proud to continue our work with Hoffmann 3-D to provide DRI with a superior tracking solution aimed at advancing the field of environmental research," said Mike Donfrancesco, vice president of sales for InterSense. "It is more critical than ever that we equip researchers with the tools needed to make sense of natural and human-induced environmental change, and the IS-900 tracking system offers users the level of realism and control needed for the most professional, accurate results. By aligning with Hoffmann's established history of visualization excellence, we have arrived at the ideal solution for data-intensive applications like those being carried out at DRI."

The system uses MEMS inertial components integrated into wireless tracking devices combined with a ceiling-mounted acoustic referencing system to track the head, hand or wand movements of a user within the environment. Smooth, precise tracking provides users with the fine level of detail required to interact with 3-D virtual objects.

"The world's most prestigious institutions remain committed to driving cutting edge research with new and exciting technologies like this state-of-the-art system from our long-standing partner InterSense, the proven leader in interactive devices for immersive displays," stated David Bullock, CEO of Hoffmann 3-D. "The installed system at DRI has the flexibility needed to create realistic, seamless interaction with virtual objects and enhance the user experience, which will surely help drive the wave of the future for environmental science."

About the IS-900

Introduced in 1999, InterSense's IS-900 motion tracking product family is an enabling technology used in flight simulation, mission training systems, oil and gas exploration, 3-D visualization rooms and other immersive display applications. With over 1000 systems installed worldwide, the IS-900 product offers reliable and accurate motion tracking for the most demanding applications.

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InterSense Incorporated is a market leader in precision motion technology. Its patented Hybrid Technology tracks motion with an unmatched combination of real-time positioning, tracking and alignment capabilities, bringing higher speed and quality to visual simulation, enhanced vision and navigation applications. InterSense's premier motion tracking products enable real-time, realistic interaction with computer graphics to enhance technical applications in training and simulation, robotics, augmented reality, 3-D virtual displays, video/film/game development and production, oil and gas exploration, and medical imaging. In addition to a marquis global customer base spanning the military, industrial, entertainment, research, engineering and life sciences industries, InterSense also works with a network of software solution partners, systems integrators, value added resellers and OEM hardware partners. For more information, visit

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