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May 23, 2006 06:00 ET

Intersil Showcases Analog Technology at Intel Developer Forum, Shenzhen, May 23-24

SHENZHEN, CHINA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 23, 2006 -- Intel Developer Forum -- Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog solutions, will showcase its newest analog technology at the 2006 Spring Shenzhen Intel Developer Forum (IDF) May 23-24 at Shenzhen Wu Zhou Guest House. Intersil will display many of its leading high-performance products targeted for the computing and consumer markets.

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May 23-24, 2006


Intersil will demonstrate its ISL6326, a 4-Phase PWM controller with 8-Bit DAC that controls microprocessor core voltage regulation by driving up to 4 synchronous-rectified buck channels in parallel. The ISL6326 is designed with a multiphase buck converter architecture that uses interleaved timing to multiply channel ripple frequency and reduce input and output ripple currents. Lower ripple results in a minimum of components along with low component cost and power dissipation, and a smaller footprint.

Also in the booth will be the ISL6327, an enhanced 6-phase PWM controller with 8-bit VID code. The ISL6327 controls microprocessor core voltage regulation by driving up to 6 synchronous-rectified buck channels in parallel. Like the ISL6326, it uses multiphase buck converter architecture. Both the ISL6326 and ISL6327 also utilize Intersil's proprietary active pulse positioning (APP™) and adaptive phase alignment (APA™) modulation scheme to achieve the extremely fast transient response with fewer output capacitors. For more information about these PWM controllers, visit,1477,ISL6326,0.html and,1477,ISL6327,0.html.

Intersil will also show the following products:

-- The ISL6295, a cost-effective, highly accurate IC that measures, stores, and reports all of the critical parameters required for rechargeable battery monitoring with a minimum of external components. It precisely measures charge/ discharge current as well as voltage and temperature of a battery pack. In addition, the ISL6295 accumulates both charge and discharge current as independent parameters. It incorporates a 16-bit (15-bit plus sign) integrating A/D converter that performs calibrated current measurement to within +/-0.5% error. For more information, visit,1477,ISL6295,0.html.

-- The ISL6262, a two-phase core regulator for IMVP-6 mobile CPUs; for more information, visit,1477,ISL6262,0.html.

-- The ISL6312, a newly introduced 4-phase PWM buck controller with integrated MOSFET drivers for Intel VR10 and VR11 applications. For more information, visit,1477,ISL6312,0.html.

Press Interviews at IDF

Intersil's analog experts will be available for press and analyst interviews throughout the conference. To schedule an interview before or during IIC, please contact Kelly Ang at 86 21 6335 1198 ext: 115 or at

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Intersil Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductors. The Company's products address some of the industry's fastest growing markets, such as, flat panel displays, cell phones, other handheld systems, and notebooks. Intersil's product families address power management functions and analog signal processing functions. Intersil products include ICs for battery management, hot-swap and hot-plug controllers, linear regulators, supervisory ICs, switching DC/DC regulators and power MOSFET drivers; optical storage laser diode drivers; DSL line drivers; video and high performance operational amplifiers; data converters; interface ICs; analog switches and multiplexers; crosspoint switches; voice-over-IP devices; and ICs for military, space and radiation-hardened applications. For more information about Intersil or to find out how to become a member of our winning team, visit the Company's web site and career page at

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