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February 22, 2007 06:00 ET

Intersil Showcases Power Management Portfolio at Applied Power Electronics Conference

MILPITAS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 22, 2007 -- Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL) will showcase its newest technology across its broad power management portfolio at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) and Exposition from February 25-March 1, 2007 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. Intersil will demonstrate a variety of high-performance power products, including the ISL8601, a PMBus-compliant PWM controller with integrated MOSFET drivers, in its booth (number 609/610).


The ISL8601 is a PMBus-compliant, single-phase PWM controller with integrated MOSFET drivers that utilizes analog voltage mode control and can be operated directly off a 12V power supply. The PMBus digital interface allows power supply designers to configure, control and monitor their power supplies through software, eliminating the need for hardware changes and allowing extensive measurement and reporting of power supply operating parameters without any external components. Analog voltage mode control assures well-known and easily-modeled loop dynamics and transient response without the complexity and uncertainty that would be present in a digital control loop system. For more information, visit,1477,ISL8601,0.html.

ISL6260C is multi-phase controller that supports up to three phases and is designed to meet Intel's newest platform, code-named Santa Rosa. The ISL6260C uses Intersil's patented R3 Technology™ (Robust Ripple Regulator) to offer the best transient response and load-line accuracy in its class. It has phase-dropping and phase-adding capability to enhance efficiency across the entire load line. For more information, visit,1477,ISL6260C,0.html.

ISL88731 is a highly integrated Li-Ion battery charger controller, programmable over the I2C system management bus (SMBUS). It throttles the charge power, automatically limiting the current from the AC adapter. The ISL88731 is intended to be used in a smart battery charger (SBC) within a smart battery system (SBS). For more information, visit,1477,ISL88731,0.html.

ISL88016 and ISL88017 are supervisors that offer pin-selectable voltage trip points along with popular functions such as power-on reset (POR) control, supply voltage supervision, and manual reset assertion in a small 6-pin SOT23 package. By connecting the three VSET pins to VDD, GND or floating, users can program the voltage trip point from 1.60V to 2.85V in 50mV increments on the ISL88016 and from 2.15V to 4.65V in 100mV increments on the ISL88017. By allowing users to select from 26 different selectable VTRIP voltages on each ISL88016 and ISL88017 device, the same supervisor part can be used on different platforms and projects without the need to re-qualify a different part when a custom voltage trip point is needed. For more information, visit

ISL6545 is a single-output controller that allows a lower BOM cost by integrating the boot diode, the overcurrent protection, and the MOSFET drivers onto a single chip. The overcurrent function protects the controller from a shorted output by using the lower MOSFET's on-resistance, rDS(ON), to monitor the current, enhancing the efficiency of the controller and reducing cost by eliminating the current-sensing resistor. For more information, visit,1477,ISL6545,0.html.

ISL65426 is a high-efficiency dual output synchronous buck regulator with programmable output voltage and current. This device integrates protection for two synchronous buck regulator channels in a thin QFN package, making it ideal for powering today's small form factor applications. The ISL65426 switches at a fixed frequency of 1MHz and utilizes current-mode control with integrated compensation to minimize the size and number of external components and provide excellent transient response. The internal synchronous power switches are optimized for good thermal performance and high efficiency. For more information, visit,1477,ISL65426,0.html.

ISL8502 is a synchronous buck controller with internal MOSFETs packaged in a small 4mmx4mm QFN package. This device can support a continuous load of 2.5A and has a wide input voltage range up to 14V. With the switching MOSFETs integrated into the IC, the complete regulator footprint can be very small and provide a much more efficient solution than a linear regulator. The ISL8502 is capable of standalone operation or it can be used in a master slave combination for multiple outputs that are derived from the same input rail. For more information, visit,1477,ISL8502,0.html.

ISL6752 and ISL6753 are high-performance, low-pin-count, alternative zero-voltage switching (ZVS) full-bridge PWM controllers. These devices achieve ZVS operation by driving the upper bridge FETs at a fixed 50 percent duty cycle while the lower bridge FETs are trailing-edge modulated with adjustable resonant switching delays. Compared to the more familiar phase-shifted control method, this algorithm offers equivalent efficiency and improved overcurrent and light load performance with less complexity in a lower pin count package. For more information, visit

ISL8121 is a two-phase buck PWM controller featuring an input voltage range of 3V to 20V and integrated MOSFET drivers. Precision voltage regulation is provided for point-of-load and other high-current applications that require efficient and compact implementation. Multiphase buck converter architecture uses interleaved timing to multiply channel ripple frequency, allowing smaller filter inductors and reducing input and output ripple currents due to the ripple cancellation effect. Lower ripple results in fewer input and output capacitors. Smaller and low-cost transistors can be used, resulting from the higher efficiency and reduced power dissipation. For more information, visit,1477,ISL8121,0.html.

ISL6327 is a 6-phase PWM controller that controls microprocessor core voltage regulation by driving up to six synchronous-rectified buck channels in parallel. Multiphase buck converter architecture uses interleaved timing to multiply channel ripple frequency and reduce input and output ripple currents. Lower ripple results in fewer components, lower component cost, reduced power dissipation, and smaller implementation area. For more information, visit,1477,ISL6327,0.html.

Intersil's Featured Speakers at APEC:

Speaker:         Greg Miller, vice president of Applications Engineering
RAP Session 3:   Satisfying Demand for High-Current at Low-Voltage: Are We
                 Addressing the Right Problems?
Moderator:       Stephan Ohr, Research Director, Analog Semiconductors,
                 Gartner Dataquest
Date:            February 27, 2007
Time:            5:00-6:30 p.m.
Location:        Disneyland Hotel, South Ballroom A
Press Interviews at APEC

Intersil's power management experts will be available for press and analyst interviews throughout the conference. To schedule an interview before or during APEC, please contact Kim Fehrt at (408) 546-3566 or

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