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February 21, 2006 06:00 ET

Intersil's New SOT23 Voltage Supervisor Family Provides Critical Voltage Monitoring in Small, Low-Power Packages

MILPITAS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 21, 2006 -- Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog solutions, today introduced a new family of voltage monitoring supervisors designed to improve system reliability while reducing cost.

The new ISL88011-ISL88015 family offers both fixed and/or adjustable voltage-monitoring with all the functions for critical monitoring, including power-on reset control, customizable supply voltage supervision, watchdog timer capability and manual reset. By integrating all of these features into a 5-pin SOT23 package and requiring only 5.5µA of supply current, the ISL88011-ISL88015 family can help reduce system cost and board space for process control systems, intelligent instruments, embedded control systems, computers and portable or battery-powered equipment. These devices are also ideal for critical processor and controller power monitoring.

"Introducing this family of fully featured and well-rounded supervisors marks a significant step forward for Intersil in providing our customers with a complete portfolio of system supervisory solutions ranging from single to quintuple (5) voltage monitors," said Davin Lee, vice president and general manager of Intersil's Industrial/Communications Power Management group. "By combining some of the most useful supervisory features together with low power consumption and high threshold accuracy, we aim to address the needs of designers who want to ensure the reliability of their systems without compromising features, performance or cost."

These voltage monitors are accurate to +/-1.5 percent from -45°C to 85°C and draw very little current at 4.5µA to 8µA. They also monitor down to 600mV for today's lower power supply voltages and are designed using Intersil's unique TwinPin™ design, which combines active-low reset output and manual reset input into one pin to provide maximum functionality in the same number of pins.

An innovative enhanced watchdog timer for microcontrollers and microprocessors provides a longer start-up timeout at power-on. This allows an operating system to boot, an FPGA to initialize, or system software to start without having to disable the watchdog timer during this time to avoid erroneous resets. Also, in order to provide designers with a full set of options based on their specific application requirements, the ISL88011, ISL88012 and ISL88013 feature fixed voltage trip points while the ISL88014 and ISL88015 provide user-adjustable voltage trip points.

Key Features

--  Low 5.5µA current consumption
--  +/-1.5% fixed voltage threshold levels to monitor +2.5V, +3.0V, +3.3V,
    +5.0V power supplies
--  Enhanced watchdog timer
--  Adjustable voltage monitoring down to 600mV
--  Complementary reset outputs offer design flexibility
--  Adjustable power-on reset timeout delay
Target Applications
--  Process control
--  Intelligent instruments
--  Embedded control systems
--  Computer systems
--  Critical microprocessor and microcontroller power monitoring
--  Portable/battery-powered equipment
Pricing and Availability

The ISL88011-ISL88015 family is available now in 5-lead SOT-23 packages, with prices starting at $0.88 for the ISL88011 and ISL88014, and $0.99 for the ISL88012, ISL88013 and ISL88015, each in 1,000-unit quantities. More information on these devices can be found at A complete evaluation kit, the ISL8801XEVAL, is also available to assist developers.

New ISL88705-ISL88813 µP Supervisors Designed for Low Power Consumption & High Threshold Accuracy

Intersil also introduced a series of industry standard pinout supervisors with watchdog timer, power-fail comparator, manual reset, and/or adjustable power-on reset. The ISL88705-ISL88813 series features low 10µA current consumption and accurate +/-1.8% fixed voltage threshold levels for precise monitoring of +2.5V, +3.0V, +3.3V, and +5.0V power supplies in portable and battery-powered equipment, notebooks, desktops, communications systems, intelligent instruments and other power-sensitive applications. The ISL88707 and ISL88708 also provide additional flexibility by allowing the user to adjust the power-on reset timeout period by simply connecting an external capacitor.

Key Features

--  Low 10µA current consumption
--  +/-1.8% fixed voltage threshold levels to monitor +2.5V, +3.0V, +3.3V,
    +5.0V power supplies
--  140ms power-on reset timeout delay that is adjustable on the
--  Power failure monitoring input capable of monitoring down to 1.25V
--  Complementary reset outputs
Pricing and Availability

The ISL88705-ISL88813 family is available now in 8-lead PDIP/SOIC packages with prices starting at $1.10 in 1,000-unit quantities. More information on the ISL88705-ISL88813 is available at,1477,ISL88705,0.html. A large selection of power products is supported by Intersil's iSim™ online design tool. To explore these solutions, visit To view a broad range of application block diagrams, visit Intersil's Application Design Center at

About Intersil's Power Management Portfolio

Intersil is a recognized global leader in power management solutions, offering a broad portfolio of products that simplify a variety of power designs. Intersil's family of power management ICs ranges from building blocks such as charge pumps, to highly integrated, multiple-output and multiphase PWMs, to quad-voltage hot-swap controllers. As a leading supplier of PWM controller ICs with over 2 billion units shipped, Intersil addresses a broad range of power management needs for applications that include computing, communications, peripherals, display, networking, telecommunications, industrial, instrumentation and battery-powered products. To learn more, visit Intersil's Power Management Web site at

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