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November 28, 2006 08:00 ET

INTERVIEW ADVISORY: Those magic words: stay home today

New data tells Canadians what they’ve been longing to hear from boss

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, INTERVIEW ALERT--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 28, 2006) - We've all been there. You open your eyes after a restless night of coughing and sneezing and wake up feeling worse than when your head hit the pillow. You're torn: you want to stay curled up in bed but feel guilty for missing a day of work. New data to be released on November 30 details why the better choice is to stay home according to bosses across Canada.

Find out revealing data on the psychology of sickness, why we feel so guilty taking a sick day, and the consequences of coming to work sick. As cold and flu season rears its ugly head, find out how bosses weigh in on the absenteeism versus presenteeism issue.

On November 30, Dr. Nayana Suchak, a Toronto-based family physician and work-life balance advocate, shares her professional insight on the impact of not staying home when we are sick, and her "3 R's" for Canadians to heed this cold and flu season.


* Bed rest and bottom line: Why do Canadians feel so guilty about taking a sick day? What do bosses really think when their staff calls in sick? How do sick days affect bottom line?

* Office etiquette: What are the consequences of coming to work sick for employees and employers?

* Three R's: Discover Dr. Nayana Suchak's tips for a speedy recovery from the cold or flu.

* Workplace warrior? Take the Sick Pseudonym quiz to find out your flu front.

WHO: Dr. Nayana Suchak, Toronto-based family physician and work-life balance advocate

WHAT: Talk to an expert who faces cold and flu germs every day at her practice. Discuss the new results of a national poll on the office politics of taking a sick day and get Dr. Suchak's remedy for keeping yourself and your boss happy this cold and flu season.

WHEN: November 30, 2006


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