Vancouver International Film Festival

Vancouver International Film Festival

September 13, 2005 20:05 ET

Interview Opportunity: Political Documentary Film Guests Attending the Vancouver International Film Festival

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 13, 2005) -

Laurie Allen /Dot Reidelbach - Banking on Heaven

(World Premiere - USA) October 10 - 15

Documentarian Dot Reidelbach's searing take on the largest polygamous enclave in the U.S.A. timely story considering the news out of Bountiful, BC. It also investigates the role of the Mormon church, politician's failure to come to grips with the problem and the plight of many polygamists caught in the middle. Laurie Allen is an escapee from the enclave herself.

Gerard Ungerman/Audrey Brohy - Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror

(Canadian Premiere - USA) Sept 29 - October 15

Dense with facts yet visually vibrant, veteran cinematic muckrakers Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy's (Plan Colombia: Cashing in on the Drug War Failure, VIFF 03) new film presents a persuasive argument that the motive behind the "War on Terror" is maintaining American control over remaining oil and gas reserves.

Steven Greenstreet - This Divided State

(USA) Sept 29 - Oct 3

It's Michael Moore versus the Mormons! In this battle between the leftist megolith and Mormon idealogues, civil rights, freedom of speech and the good old fashioned American way are thrown into the ring. When Moore was invited to give a speech at the Utah Valley State College, all hell broke loose and documentarian Steven Greenstreet captured it all.

Jonathan Berman - Commune

(USA) Sept 29 - Oct 2

"Free Land for Free People" was the slogan of Black Bear Ranch, a community of like-minded hippies, weirdoes and activists who moved to a remote part of Northern California to set up an experiment in free living. Since 1968, the commune has been in existence, fighting the FBI, the American government and worst of all, their own kids, who just want to be "normal".

Micha Peled - China Blue

(USA) Oct 11 - 18

In this fascinating investigation of the denim industry in China, Micha Peled puts a very human face on globalization, introducing both workers and the boss at the Lifeng Clothes Co. Ltd. where workers take the wage cuts so name brands can buy cheap. A "prequel" of sorts to Peled's popular Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town.

Roberta Grossman - Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action

(USA) October 5 - 7

As seen through the eyes of five activists, this film exposes some of the most appalling environmental and human rights abuses in the US perpetrated against native people. An angry and important film that deserves to be seen. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Alan Franey says, "It's one of the best environmental films of the decade."

The Vancouver International Film Festival has a reputation for presenting the best in world cinema. Info: and the Starbucks Hotline at (604) 683-FILM (3456). Tickets go on sale September 10 through the VISA Charge-by-Phone line at 604-685-8297 and at

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September 27 - October 14, 2005
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