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November 21, 2005 13:17 ET

Intradyn Unveils World's First True Appliances for Enterprise E-Mail Archiving

New ComplianceVault06™ Models Will Meet Growing Demand From Larger Organizations for Simpler E-Mail Compliance and E-Discovery

ST. PAUL, MN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 21, 2005 -- Intradyn (, the leader in simple, affordable appliance solutions for automated email archiving, announced today it will expand its recently introduced next-generation email archiving appliance line to a new market segment: midsize and large enterprises.

The company is announcing additional models that feature greater storage capacity than previous units, with disk capacities ranging from two to eight terabytes (TBs).

The ComplianceVault06™ is a true appliance, meaning it is a complete, application-specific, plug-and-play network server with a web interface. As such, it is an all-in-one, in-house solution with a single upfront cost -- as differentiated from hardware/software bundles and outsourced, service-provider solutions, which have ongoing costs and risks related to security and liability.

"We've validated the appliance model for email archiving," said Gary Doan, Intradyn CEO. "And the one consistent thing we hear from our sales channel is that larger companies and governmental agencies want our email archiving appliance, but with more disk capacity befitting their size. So these new models, in 2U and 3U rackmount hardware platforms, are in direct response to that demand. And we'll soon be announcing new partnerships to take advantage of this marketplace opportunity, including support for other removable media tape and optical formats."

The ComplianceVault06™ Email Archiving & Retrieval Appliance is an integrated hardware/software solution that captures all of a company's email on a continuous basis, from a virtually unlimited number of email boxes. (Photo of new 2U and 3U models: It stores all email on both hard disk and tape or optical media -- including unalterable "WORM" media (write once, read many). The appliance works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and virtually any IMAP or POP3 email system. It allows companies to meet a variety of email retention needs, whether related to regulatory compliance (SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4, NASD 3110, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, etc), or simply for good business practice in electronic records management -- as relates the requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, for example. The appliance also allows for rapid searching of email to improve responsiveness to litigation discovery requests.

Intradyn originally introduced the ComplianceVault™ appliance in mid-2004 as a simple, all-in-one desktop appliance for small to midsized businesses, at a cost of less than $10,000, with disk capacities of 120 and 250 gigabytes (GBs). In October 2004, the company added 1U rackmount models in response to customer demand, with additional disk capacities of 500 and 800 GBs. In October 2005, Intradyn introduced the next-generation of the device -- the ComplianceVault06™ -- featuring software based on a new architecture, which represented another major step forward in search and audit functionality and ease-of-use. The new product was first made available in the 1U rackmount hardware platform, with the choice of disk capacities extended up to 1 TB.

As previously, the appliance could be bundled with any Sony AIT-2 or AIT-3 tape library. (Since early 2005, Intradyn has been co-marketing the ComplianceVault™ with Sony Electronics. Additional marketing and OEM partnership announcements are pending.)

ComplianceVault06™ Capabilities and Benefits

    Key attributes of the ComplianceVault06™email archiving appliance
    are as follows:
--  Simple, intuitive user interface - greatly facilitating ease-of-use,
    featuring simpler navigation, cleaner design, and drop-down menus. (See
--  Fast, extensive search capabilities - Greatly expanded and advanced
    search features, including wildcard searches, fuzzy searches, proximity
    searches, range searches, boosting of relevance levels, grouping for sub-
    queries, field grouping, and -- most importantly --  the ability to save
    searches. The new software can search by date or range of dates, the "To"
    field, the "From" field, and can search key words in email subject lines,
    message bodies, and/or attachments. Any combination of these search
    criteria can be selected.  Search result tell you the location of emails --
    that is, where they are physically located, on what storage.
--  Exporting of search results - the ability to easily export any email
    search results, directly from the search results screen, to a file, to a
    CD, to an email, or to a printed hardcopy, for example. The search is saved
    in .eml file format. This feature greatly facilitates use of the system for
    response to SEC auditors, for legal discovery, or for review by a company's
    legal counsel.  Results can easily be imported into the next step in the
    legal process, such as a litigation support system.
--  Extensive audit features - for complete audit reporting and control.
    Every single access to the system is tracked, by date, time, and user,
    providing a full audit log. The software allows the compliance officer or
    examiner to do random samples of email, by several criteria, and to search
    the audit log database extensively.
--  Hardware encryption - which the user can select, if desired, to
    safeguard removable media. Hardware encryption is a new feature implemented
    with the 2U and 3U models. Intradyn's Encryptape™ technology is based on
    the same type of encryption used by the U.S. federal government, the
    highest level available, which is AES 256-bit -- called "strong
    encryption." Hardware encryption is generally faster or more efficient than
    software encryption.
--  RAID protection - another new feature with the 2U and 3U models is
    RAID 5 disk redundancy.
    Additional features and benefits of the ComplianceVault06™ email
    archiving appliance include:
--  Multiple mail server support
--  Ability to write to removable media on demand
--  Both individual and group user account privileges (21 permission
    functions can be selected for each user or group)
--  New archive scheduling features
--  Improved removable media cataloging
Analyst Comments

Mike Karp, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates: "An appliance is an IT system that's easy to buy and essentially runs itself. It's a compelling solution not just for small businesses, but for larger organizations as well. Intradyn's ComplianceVault06 automates the email archiving process and makes retrieval painless."

Michael Osterman, president, Osterman Research Inc.: "Archiving appliances like Intradyn's ComplianceVault06 provide a much-needed capability for organizations large and small to more effectively manage their email data for regulatory compliance, legal discovery, storage management and other purposes. This capability can dramatically speed responses to legal discovery orders, for example, and make messaging management easier and faster for IT and business managers."

The software integrated into the ComplianceVault06™ appliance is architected to allow for ongoing future enhancements. Software updates will continue to be made available by Intradyn online, at no additional charge.

The ComplianceVault06™ appliance has a much lower total cost of ownership than other solutions, whether in-house or outsourced. It is an all-in-one solution -- essentially "email archiving in a box" -- requiring no integration, and not affecting a company's existing IT infrastructure. It can be installed and set up quickly, even by non-IT personnel. There are no additional per-user costs, license costs, or other ongoing costs (other than removable media). Unlimited technical support is provided by Intradyn at no additional charge.

Pricing and Availability

The 2U models of the ComplianceVault06™ Email Archiving & Retrieval Appliance are available in disk capacities of 1.8TB, 2.4TB, and 3.0TB, with pricing starting at $19,995. The 3U models have capacities of 4.0TB, 6.4TB, and 8.0TB, with pricing starting at $33,995.

The new models will be available before the end of Q4. For more information, email

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