March 10, 2009 09:30 ET

IntraSITE Search™ Undercuts Google™ Site Search

Canadian company releases FREE site search utility

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 10, 2009) -

Attention: Business & High Tech Editors

Businesses can stop paying a yearly fee for Google Site Search. IntraSITE Search, a new, FREE utility, lets customers quickly search within a website for desired products or services.

Until now, adding an internal search function meant giving Google an annual fee of $100 to $2,000 for Google Site Search (google.com/sitesearch), or permitting an outside agency to place advertisements on the site (including competitor ads). Neither option makes sense for small companies.

Walden, a small business marketing service in Toronto (http://www.waldendesign.com), challenged its talented web programmer, Aaron Gough, to solve this problem for its clients. The result is IntraSITE Search, a free utility that rapidly and accurately scans all the content on a website and returns relevant results.

"IntraSITE Search is a phenomenal tool for any company wanting customers to quickly find the products or services they're looking for," says Walden President Bruce Walden. "And since we're releasing it at no charge, all small businesses can benefit right away." IntraSITE Search can be seen working on Walden's own website, WaldenDesign.com, as well as many sites the company has developed for clients, including Hip.ca, SaveMoreSportsStore.com, and DoctorV.ca.

IntraSITE Search is appropriate for any static website with 300 or fewer pages. The code and simple installation instructions may be downloaded from http://www.intrasitesearch.com. A webmaster can then install the search window anywhere in the site design. Within minutes, customers will quickly and easily find exactly what they seek. With no software to buy. No ads. And no yearly fee to Google.

About Walden:

Walden is a small business marketing company located in downtown Toronto. Since 2000, it has offered a range of graphic design, copywriting, photography and web services, to help small businesses find and connect with new customers. Walden is especially well known for its logo creation, website development, and search engine optimization services. IntraSITE Search is Walden's first publicly released product.

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