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June 11, 2010 10:25 ET

Intrinsic Political Considerations Will Not Allow the Collapse of the Eurozone, Says Alexander Mirtchev

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2010) -

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Dr. Alexander Mirtchev, president of Krull Corp. in discussion with Dr. Yannis Papantoniou, former Finance Minister of Greece, analyzed the impact of the unfolding European guarantee plan to address Greece's debt problems on the future of the single European currency. The main question underlying the potential for collapse of the Eurozone is the political nature of the European project, and the vested political interests in its survival.

Despite the unsustainable economic arrangements that underpin the Eurozone developments, it is unlikely that this project would be allowed to fall apart, and the member countries would hardly rush to embrace their old currencies. In that respect, the Euro will survive, but would be facing a bumpy ride in the short to medium term.


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