Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.

Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.

May 17, 2010 09:01 ET

Intrinsyc Collaborates With Movix, Abril Group, and Apontador to Launch Navigation Solution for Apple iPhone in Brazil

Destinator 9 GPS Navigation to Power Customized Solution for the iPhone in Brazil, Available Immediately Under the Brand "Apontador Navegador"

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2010) - Continuing the global expansion of Destinator ® GPS navigation software across geographic markets, Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. (TSX:ICS), a leading provider of software solutions for mobile devices, announced today the availability on the Apple App Store of a customized solution for the Brazil market based on its Destinator 9 application for the Apple iPhone™, and sold under the brand, Apontador Navegador™, by Apontador. The newly introduced Destinator 9 is the most feature rich turn-by-turn application for the iPhone and goes beyond navigation to deliver a fresh and innovative location and navigation experience. Apontador Navegador builds upon the Destinator 9 application with enhanced and expanded (POI) point of information data and the navigation guide, Quatro Rodas™, from Movix and additional value added content and local search information from Apontador.

"We are excited to enter Brazil's fast growing navigation market with the best possible local partners," said Tracy Rees, President and CEO, Intrinsyc. "The value added solutions from Movix, Abril Group, and Apontador make the best navigation solution for the iPhone even better." 

At its core, Apontador Navegador is based on Destinator 9, a solid and reliable turn-by-turn navigation application featuring on-board Tele Atlas digital map data for Brazil and a routing engine that exceeds performance benchmarks. Destinator seamlessly blends with the iPhone functions allowing the user to simply route from existing contacts or messages. User access and control of music while in navigation mode is enabled through integrated iPod™ controls. And the intuitive NavStrip feature simplifies navigation with less user interaction with the device. The Destinator application is designed specifically with the iPhone user in mind to make the user experience seamless and intuitive with the overall phone experience.

Feature Highlights for the Apontador Navegador iPhone Application: 

  • On Board Tele Atlas Maps: Providing Brazil map access and directions regardless of your connection.
  • Extensive POI Listings: Premium POIs from Abril Group and Apontador. Coverage of Brazil includes over millions of on board points-of-interest that are always accessible without a data connection.
  • NavStrip™: Convenient access to all of your navigation commands from one intuitive, touch-and-go strip. 
  • Voice-Guided Directions: Keep focused on the road ahead with easy to understand turn-by-turn voice guidance.
  • Lane Assistance: Clear visual guidance to direct you to the right lane for your route.
  • In-App iPod Controls: Select songs and control music while in navigation mode.
  • StickyPOI: Intuitive one-touch placement of points-of-interest that interest you.
  • TapNGo: Simply press any point on the map and navigate to the location.
  • Trip Planning: Able to plan multi-destination routes with a convenient trip planning function.
  • 2D or 3D Mode: Map is offered at your preferred perspective – 2D or 3D.
  • Brilliant Map Displays: Crisply rendered maps provide clear guidance.
  • Contact Routing: Navigate to an address stored in your Contact list.
  • Send-to-Friend: Send your current location or favorite POI to your friend.
  • Google Local Search: Nearby POIs are a click away and a cinch to navigate to.
  • Weather online information – Online weather forecast of your origination and destination while providing a realistic sky image showing the weather conditions (sunny, raining, cloudy, night and day).

About Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.

Intrinsyc empowers device makers, mobile operators, and silicon vendors to deliver compelling, next generation mobile devices faster with higher quality, and differentiating innovation. We help our customers deliver compelling products using our unmatched expertise with the leading OS platforms including Android, Apple, Blackberry, Linux, Symbian, Windows CE and Windows Phone. Intrinsyc delivers Destinator, the most feature rich navigation application with the best integration for leading smartphones, including from OEMs like Motorola and LG Electronics. Destinator is also available through leading application stores and Intrinsyc's own navigation store Intrinsyc is publicly traded (TSX:ICS) and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with offices in China, Israel, Taiwan, U.K. and the United States.

About Abril Group

Abril Group is Latin America's largest print and electronics media company, providing information, education and entertainment to practically all public segments. Based on the principles of integrity, quality, leadership and innovation, Abril was founded in 1950. Today, it employs about 7,000 people and is made up of Editora Abril (publications), Abril Digital (made up of and Abril no cellular [Abril in the cell phone]), MTV (segmented TV), in addition to Abril Educação (Ática & Scipione Publishing Houses). It also has the biggest press in Latin America and has an efficient marketing database, subscription and distribution service. Abril published 373 titles in 2009 and is the leader in 21 out of the 25 segments in which it operates.

About Apontador

Apontador is the largest maps route and local search website in Latin America. Founded in June 2000, today, Apontador gathers information about more than 10 million points of interest (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc), live content (movie information, gas price, shows, events, etc), ad classifieds and real-time traffic information. The company is a merging of Webraska do Brasil/Apontador and MapLink, where was created the biggest LBS player in Latin America. Apontador has headquarters in the São Paulo and Curitiba. The Company currently powers the LBS and Telematics offering of leading service providers including Vivo, Nextel, Claro, Oi, Microsoft, Yahoo, Publicar, Terra Networks,, UOL, and Editora Abril among others and has partnerships with foremost technology providers including Webraska, Akamai, Google and Ericsson. Under its brands, Apontador operates in Brasil, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

About MOVIX - Empresa Brasileira de Soluções de Mobilidade Ltda.

Movix is committed to offering the Brazilian market the latest innovation in the navigation industry. Movix was founded in 2002, and with its partnership with Destinator Technologies, began exclusively marketing the Maplink Destinator software in Brazil. Four years later, Movix, in a partnership with Editora Abril, launched the highly acclaimed "Navegador Guia Quatro Rodas", vehicle GPS solution in Brazil. Currently Movix has a portfolio with a wide range of products: personal navigation devices, smartphones, accessories, and software. Movix creates partnership bonds with each and every one of its customers, to offer extremely trustable information and to make navigation a safer solution day-to-day.

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