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April 24, 2014 08:30 ET

Introducing ColorBoost: The iPhone's First and Only Color and Sound Therapy Mobile App

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 24, 2014) - Dovivo today announced a new mobile wellness app that taps into the power of color, light and sound to combat depression and anxiety. ColorBoost, now available in the Apple App Store, is the first and only mobile app that provides color therapy.

ColorBoost offers a series of daily therapy sessions with scientifically-created audio-visual designs. Originated from European health practitioner sciences, this app promotes Qi-balance in life and a positive outlook.

According to Dovivo Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Marina Thomas, "The powers of color and light have long been known for their restorative powers. With ColorBoost, we've been able to harness the powers of color, light and sound and create an app with a therapeutic regimen that anyone can easily implement anywhere with their smartphone."

According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 1 in 10 US adults report depression. With the number of potential side effects related to standard medication for depression, color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) has emerged as one of the leading, and safest, alternative therapies. With color therapy, different colors are used to evoke positive emotional responses. Color and light therapies are frequently used by health practitioners to promote energetic re-alignment, self-healing and fatigue reduction.

With ColorBoost's innovative "color, light and sound" approach to therapy, the preferred choice of colors and music will be easily absorbed. Each ColorBoost therapy session takes only 10 minutes. Session settings include "Energizing", "Calming" and "Relaxation". As the session begins, the user selects positive music and colors to start. Throughout the session, colors will interchange gently and slowly during the session, creating a sense of calm for the user. Users will feel more energetic, refreshed and confident after. Regular therapy is recommended for long-term improvements.

The music featured in ColorBoost was created by 9-time Grammy nominee and multi-platinum selling pianist/composer Peter Kater.

While developing ColorBoost, the team at Dovivo undertook extensive research to better understand how users could tap into mobile technology to address depression. Dr. Thomas said that in their research they discovered that ColorBoost was effective beyond helping reduce depression, "We're an active society, bombarded with activity, stress and areas that pull our attentions in different directions. While some of that is a direct result of our mobile phones and our dependence on electronics, we found that the mobile phone that nearly everyone carries on them could be used in a therapeutic way to stem anxiety or refocus positive energy. Color, light and sound therapy can be a crucial component of this."

ColorBoost is available for free in the App Store, with different in-app therapies available for purchase.

About Dovivo
Zurich-based Dovivo is a company with new and innovative ideas with regard to creating beneficial mobile therapy apps for consumers. The company name, Dovivo, is derived from the Latin vivo and de vivum, de vivio (of life). Dovivo was co-founded by Claudia Ella Marquis and Dr. Marina Thomas, who share a passion for quantum frequency theory and wellness. The company's first creation, ColorBoost, is aimed at the growing number of people with depression and stress-related issues. ColorBoost was created in conjunction with San Francisco- and Ukraine-based Stanfy.

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