Commission Pitch

Commission Pitch

January 17, 2013 15:49 ET

Introducing Commission Pitch, the Smartest Way to Find Trusted Real Estate Agents While Saving on Commission and Fees

Commission Pitch Announces Ontario Launch; New Service Allows Homebuyers and Sellers to Choose Between Competing Offers From Real Estate Agents

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 17, 2013) - Commission Pitch (, the real estate tech startup that allows agents to send competing offers to qualified local leads, today announced the company's official public launch. Homebuyers and sellers use the online platform to help them choose a real estate agent; they start by completing an anonymous 'profile' and selecting agent services they're interested in (MLS listing, open houses, photos, etc). These 'profiles' are then sent to local agents, who reply with competing offers that detail their commission rates and fees. Homebuyers and sellers can then review and compare the offers they've received, browse agent profiles, and contact agents they're interested in. Ultimately, the platform enables individuals to choose the best real estate agent for their needs while saving thousands on commissions and fees.

Commission Pitch is launching in Southwestern Ontario, including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Niagara Falls, and Oshawa, amongst others. The company also announced that it is seeking funding to support its growth.

"Our goal is to help prospective homebuyers and homesellers make smart decisions when selecting a real estate agent, and to help them save thousands on commission and fees in the process," said Chris Silvestre, Co-founder of Commission Pitch. "The concept is really quite revolutionary - we believe the platform has the potential to change the real estate industry as we know it. It's the perfect application of technology to the creation of a practical business solution," echoed Paul Sobocinski, Commission Pitch Co-founder.

Commission Pitch for Homebuyers

Commission Pitch can help homebuyers save thousands on their next home purchase, and find a trusted agent with local experience to help them through the process. Homebuyers are able to view local agents' profiles, which detail agents' areas of expertise, awards and recognition. Armed with all that information, homebuyers can make smarter decisions when choosing an agent. Moreover, because Commission Pitch encourages competition among agents, homebuyers are normally offered significant incentives by their agent, like cash rebates, which can amount to thousands of dollars.

Commission Pitch for Homesellers

Commission Pitch saves the average homeseller thousands of dollars in commissions and fees, all while helping them find qualified and expert agents. The platform allows homesellers to choose among offers from agents, who normally compete by reducing their commissions and fees. Sellers are also able to browse complete agent profiles, enabling them to find an experienced and trusted local agent who will have the most success pricing, prepping and marketing their home for sale.

Commission Pitch for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are thrilled with the launch of Commission Pitch. Marketing is time consuming, costly, and risky. Most of the traditional advertising channels are saturated, expensive, and ineffective; moreover, social media hasn't proven as effective as it was heralded to be. With Commission Pitch, agents can take advantage of a constant stream of qualified local leads, at a low monthly cost. In an increasingly competitive industry, the low-risk platform is the perfect solution for building new client contacts and relationships.


Commission Pitch is seeking funding to support its growth into new geographic markets and to drive adoption of its platform.

The Commission Pitch service is currently available in Southwestern Ontario. Find the perfect real estate agent and learn more at

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