October 19, 2015 13:24 ET

Introducing INCOMPAS™, a Unified Voice for Competition

COMPTEL Changes Name to Reflect Growing Membership and Unity Across Technology and Content Platforms

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Oct 19, 2015) - COMPTEL, the competitive networks association, announced today it is changing its name to INCOMPAS. The name change reflects the association's growth and commitment to defending competition policy across a wide spectrum of evolving technology platforms.

"The name INCOMPAS illustrates our commitment to innovation, competition and the future. We have a rich history, successfully leading efforts to open markets to new networks, new technology and new ideas," said INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering. "Moving forward, we wanted a name that reflected both our values and our growing membership. This change will create expansion opportunities for our membership, our trade shows and our advocacy efforts. We are INCOMPAS, we are the future of competition."

In addition to competitive broadband providers, INCOMPAS now counts video providers, social media leaders, content providers, wireless companies, Internet companies, international leaders, start-ups and venture capitalists among its growing membership base.

During the past 18 months, under Pickering's leadership, INCOMPAS has added members including Google, Netflix Inc., Amazon, Twitter, AngelList, Level 3, XO Communications, Rocket Fiber and T-Mobile.

This year, INCOMPAS has been at the forefront of several high-profile policy victories, including Open Internet, the Tech Transitions, and the defeat of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

The announcement was made today during CEO Chip Pickering's remarks at the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2015 Business Expo in San Francisco.

Learn more about INCOMPAS at or by attending one of the following 2016 events:

The INCOMPAS 2016 Policy Summit
February 8-11, 2016
Washington, D.C.

The 2016 INCOMPAS Shows:
April 10-13 - Washington, D.C.
October 23-26 - Dallas

The new INCOMPAS name is effective immediately and will be implemented across the organization's products and services over the next several months.

Formerly known as COMPTEL, INCOMPAS is the leading trade association for the competitive networks. INCOMPAS represents communications and technology companies large and small, advocating for laws and policies that promote competition, innovation and economic development. Learn more at

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