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October 04, 2016 08:04 ET

Introducing KiteDesk FLOW -- a Single Platform for Sales Development

Leading Prospecting Company Creates Unified, Must-Have Sales Application

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 4, 2016) - KiteDesk, the maker of smart sales software, today announced the release and general availability of KiteDesk FLOW, a groundbreaking lead management platform for sales development teams.

Using patent-pending technology, KiteDesk FLOW orchestrates sales development activities to produce qualified leads, meetings, and appointments -- measurably growing revenue at customer companies.

"KiteDesk Flow has already become an integral part of our inside sales ecosystem," said Michael Orefice, Director, North American Sales for Stratifyd. "We have seen an immediate and dramatic increase in outbound volumes."

The KiteDesk FLOW offering combines with the company's flagship software application FIND for targeting prospects and building lead lists with a complete system for routing, scheduling, tracking, and managing leads. Key areas of functionality include:

  • Data - Complete email, direct dial, business phone, social profile info on prospects.
  • Discovery - Pinpoint Account-Based targeting (demographic and firmographic).
  • Activities - Custom sales sequences -- email, phone, social, custom and integrated calendar across entire sales team. Direct sync with Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Automation - Patent-pending ToDo queue adjusts to maximize rep productivity.
  • Analytics - Extensive views of all sales activities, automatically generated.

"Inside sales is growing at 3X the rate of field sales and by the end of this decade it will be the dominant sales role, worldwide," said KiteDesk CEO Sean Burke. "Yet there really aren't any comprehensive tools meant strictly for sales development teams. We took the opportunity to create something special -- an intelligent platform that reps could really live in everyday, one that would make them better at selling, and that also enabled sales management to coach effectively. Our deep underlying passion for sales really shows in our software."

KiteDesk is uniquely combining orchestrated emails, calls and communications in sequences called FLOWs. Each FLOW can be customized to the industry, sales cycle or even sales rep, to boost the effectiveness of the entire sales development team. Building on coordination across the sales department at the top of the funnel, KiteDesk FLOW also offers analytics insights into successful recipes, to further improve performance.

"By combining so many elements of the sales cycle, we produce something deceptively simple -- predictable pipeline," said Burke. "Every sales manager wants to have visibility into their reps' activities and processes, but with traditional tools, this is impossible. So you get situations where inside sales teams are micro-managed by fear and undue administrative burdens of logging everything you do."

"With KiteDesk FLOW, we're eliminating all of that in favor of reps getting deeply into a state of flow -- doing their work unimpeded -- while the system records all actions."

This largely event-driven model allows KiteDesk to collect data on activities, tasks, calendar appointments, procedures used, and underlying sales data. Each event is automatically recorded and from the first day, KiteDesk FLOW is filling with data.

With this information, KiteDesk can then inform and prioritize sales work to support sales teams becoming more effective. KiteDesk FLOW users directly benefit from using the system and all reporting becomes a regular part of an optimized workflow.

"The ability to set up, execute and track campaigns in a single interface is helpful and allows us to increase outbound volume," said Orefice.

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KiteDesk provides smart sales software for growth organizations. As a complete lead generation and management system, we help sales development teams dramatically increase predictable pipeline.

KiteDesk is a venture-backed, privately-held company headquartered in Tampa, with offices throughout the United States. To learn more, please visit or connect with us @KiteDesk.

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