March 05, 2014 07:45 ET

Introducing New Luxury Lifestyle Eyewear Brand, RAZON

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2014) - New luxury lifestyle eyewear brand, RAZŌN, is making their introduction into the fashion world with a big impact. Based out of Miami, Florida, RAZŌN sunglasses are carefully crafted using exotic woods from around the world, and designed for both men and women. RAZŌN is more than a brand, but a global lifestyle movement. For each pair of sunglasses sold, RAZŌN will provide prescription eyeglasses for three people in the developing world. Translated, RAZŌN is Spanish for "Reason" which is what inspired the creation of the company and drives their call to action to "See the RAZŌN (Reason)".

Sticking true to their exotic origin, RAZŌN sunglasses are crafted with the perfect mix of the vibrancy and culture of Miami. RAZŌN's first collection will debut their sunglasses in signature woods, Bamboo, Ebony, and Rosewood. Every pair is engraved with their logo, which carries the iconic symbol of Florida, the flamingo. RAZŌN's sunglasses are true representation of Miami culture and lifestyle, as can be seen in their lookbook, shot in the heart in Downtown Miami/Brickell (Download lookbook: "Being native to Miami, we wanted to create something extraordinary that best represented the city we love. RAZŌN is simply an instrument of culture; it represents the future of Miami and the evolution of lifestyle brands", said CEO and Founder, Sebastian Leguizamon. 

RAZŌN creates exotic wooden sunglasses that are not only fashionable, but support the global effort to provide vision for individuals in the developing world through their "Eye for an Eye" philosophy. To carry out their vision, RAZŌN has partnered with global eye-care organization, Eyejusters. Due to a massive lack of optometrists in the developing world, over 700 million people worldwide lack a pair of glasses that would help them to see. Eyejusters has overcome the need for optometrists by allowing users to adjust the lenses to suit their own eyes through their revolutionary glasses. When a customer purchases their pair of RAZŌN sunglasses, they will receive a digital tracking code to track their donated pairs of prescription glasses as they are delivered to individuals in the developing world.

RAZŌN will officially launch on March 26th, 2014, during Miami's Winter Music Conference (WMC). Further details will be released in the coming week regarding their exclusive launch.

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RAZŌN is a luxury lifestyle brand of exotic wooden eyewear, based in Miami. RAZŌN, meaning "reason" in Spanish, defines the brand's "Eye for an Eye" philosophy. For each pair of sunglasses sold, RAZŌN will provide prescription eyeglasses for three people in the developing world, in partnership with Eyejusters. RAZŌN sunglasses are carefully crafted from unique woods from around the world, designed for both men and women. Think outside the frame. 

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