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February 18, 2015 15:23 ET

Introducing Nutrexin: Balance, Nourish and Relieve

The Swiss Secret to Unlock Your Body's Natural Healing Power -- Now Available in the U.S.

DILLON, CO--(Marketwired - February 18, 2015) - FATIGUE, ACID REFLUX AND SLEEP DISORDERS -- At some point, many of us have experienced these symptoms and others related to chronic health conditions. A fast-paced lifestyle and poor diet choices can set off a vicious cycle in our body, interrupting our immune system and throwing us out of balance, creating an environment where the body can no longer effectively absorb nutrients or fight off disease and illness to heal. 

To break this vicious cycle, Nutrexin USA is launching a line of breakthrough products formulated to naturally balance, nourish and relieve. Founded on the belief that everybody has the natural power and ability to be healthy and stay healthy, Nutrexin takes a total body approach to wellness for long-term health and vitality.

Our Swiss formulas are plant-based and set the stage for better nutrient absorption, providing effective support and symptom relief from iron deficiency, anemia, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. 

Nutrexin Balance products are the foundation to help restore and maintain strong digestive and immune systems. Designed to help balance proper pH and a robust intestinal flora, our Balance items promote gut health, nutrient absorption, detoxification and immune function. 

Nutrexin Nourish products provide the highest quality, plant-based supplements to address key nutrient deficiencies. The special blend of naturally sourced vitamins, minerals and herbs combined with a proprietary, 2-step fermentation process, increases the bioavailability for maximum nutrient absorption that is easy on the stomach. 

Nutrexin Relieve products provide quick relief with multi-targeted blends of homeopathic remedies specially formulated to relieve the most common symptoms associated with chronic, nutrient deficiency-based conditions like anemia and osteoporosis, while stimulating the body's ability to absorb nutrients.

Nutrexin was originally founded in Zurich, Switzerland by Herbert Marty, owner of the highly respected Nature's First Apothecary. From the very beginning of his career, Herbert wasn't satisfied with the efficacy of synthetic vitamins and chemical preparations available in today's "modern" pharmacies. Out of this frustration, he began to develop his own holistic approach to wellness with natural remedies and saw remarkable results in his pharmacy patients. Building on this knowledge, Herbert assembled a team of highly respected Swiss healthcare practitioners to develop his own system. Combining their 60+ years of research in the best holistic medicine practices from Switzerland, the Nutrexin Wellness System was born. After years of success in Switzerland, the Nutrexin family of products is finally available to U.S. consumers seeking a natural, total body approach to wellness at

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