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February 25, 2008 11:03 ET

Introducing Paw Plunger at Crufts-the Pawfect Solution to a Mud Free Life!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 25, 2008) - Wave goodbye to muddy paw prints forever with the pawfect new gadget from the States - Paw Plunger.

Paw Plunger is revolutionising the way we live with dogs and in our increasingly busy lives, how many of us have time for mud? Now you can let your dog really enjoy his walks, getting as filthy as he likes, knowing it will only take a jiffy to clean up.

Invented by American actress and journalist Brianne Leary, who lives in New York with her hairy Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Lulu, Paw Plunger was inspired after muddy walks in Central Park. Brianne needed an easy way to clean Lulu's feet before the furnishings in her beautiful apartment took on an unattractive paw print design.

Simple to use and perfectly portable the Paw Plunger enables you to banish mud before it makes a mess of your home, car, caravan, office - in fact, anywhere you don't want dirty paws to be.

Just fill the mug with warm water, screw on the lid and you're ready to plunge. All you need to do is put each dirty paw into Paw Plunger a couple of times and let the soft, gentle brushes inside do all the work. Then towel dry and voila! - the cleanest feet on the block. Even ingrained mud is no match for Paw Plunger as the brushes get into every nook and cranny of your pet's paw.

No more bowls of water in the hallway, hosepipes in the garden or banishing your pet from the sofa or bed. No unwanted showers for you either as the Paw Plunger minimises mess.

Mel White Managing Director of Paw Plunger UK enthused:

" We are very excited about Paw Plunger's debut at Crufts. It really is a unique product that has been so positively received to date. Paw Plunger simply does what it says on the tin and works!"

Paw Plunger is now available to buy in the UK priced Pounds Sterling 29.99. Find out more at

Notes to the editor:

Brianne Leary, inventor of Paw Plunger, will be in the UK for Crufts and will be available for interview from 3rd March.

Brianne lives in New York City and is currently the entertainment reporter for Fox 5 morning news. Brianne has also reported for CNN as well as being the host of an animal programme called Petsburgh USA.

Paw Plunger will be at Crufts at the NEC 6th-9th March 2008 on stand no: 284 Hall 5.

Paw Plunger is the first product to go through the international patenting process without any objections.

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