September 05, 2013 11:00 ET

Introducing Ping: Email for the Messaging Generation

Ping Turns Email Into Real-Time, Multi-Media Mobile Messaging With Intelligent Filtering

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2013) - Today, Ping introduces the first ever app to transform email into fast, rich multi-media messaging so email is fun and easy, rather than a chore. It transforms the tangled mess of folders, labels and rigid, fragmented conversations that make up our current email system into a smart, sleek mobile experience that filters based on what matters most -- people and conversations. By breaking email free from the clutter and inefficiencies that consume it today, Ping enables email to once again do what it should do best: help us communicate.

Despite innovation permeating throughout nearly every industry, email remains one of our greatest daily pain points. It sucks time and energy as we sift through the influx of messages, disseminate projects and tasks into different folders and labels and communicate in a forced, overly formal manner. Rather than working within the same existing broken system to ease this pain and make the burden marginally more manageable, we need a completely new paradigm that escapes this dated, stodgy framework altogether. Ping was created to do just that.

"Thanks to the massive popularity of social networks and messaging apps, people now communicate in a more brief, casual way with different kinds of media woven into each conversation," said Erez Pilosof, co-founder of Ping. "We need to put human conversation back in the center of email if it will ever function properly again. That means making email fit to the way we communicate now by creating a smart, interactive mobile messaging experience."

Ping reimagines email from the inside out with the following capabilities:

  • A smart, people-centric feed: Organize messages by people and groups of people, then everything else (subscriptions, newsletters, etc.) so messaging history with each person and group is in ongoing, contextual streams, like chat. Emails from the most important people and groups are in one feed so you can immediately see what matters most, while subscriptions, newsletters and marketing emails are automatically filtered into a separate workspace.
  • A playful, easy interface: Communicate in a natural, dynamic environment with rich media sharing (personal photos, Web photos, video), voice recording, video chat, doodling and the all bells and whistles that make chatting fun. By eschewing the formal, antiquated letter format, unnatural terms like "Best Regards" are no longer a part of conversations with your colleagues or friends.

And, for the utility-minded, Ping offers:

  • Super real-time responses: Receive emails the exact moment they come in, seconds before you would using any native mobile email app. Users can even see when another person is typing, as you would with iMessage or chat.
  • Better notifications: Stop checking your phone every time it buzzes. Assign custom notification alerts for different types of messages and contacts, and keep it in your pocket.
  • Instant access to shared media: See all recent attachments and documents within a conversation by flipping your phone to horizontal view.
  • Snooze: Hit the Couch button to save messages for later.
  • Quick search: Find friends or conversations instantly with a universal search bar.

By supporting real-time messaging, document and photo sharing, voice and video calls, and more, Ping brings it all together, eliminating the need to use multiple apps to stay in touch. Ping syncs with desktop emails so conversations, documents and media are stored right in your cloud, not in a separate app that wipes out your history when you stop using it. Ping solves the fragmentation issues associated with many messaging apps because it's an open platform and is not limited to communication within the app itself.

"Email is actually the biggest, and one of the best open communication platforms we have today -- it's just lost its way. We don't need to tame email or feel like we work for email, we need to find a way to let email flourish so it's finally fun again," said Guy Gamzu, Co-Founder of Ping. "With over twenty years of experience working on email and having successfully built the largest email provider in Israel, Erez has watched email evolve throughout all its iterations, so he's chock full of insight on how email should be for the mobile messaging generation."

Visit to sign up for Ping, launching September 18, 2013.

About Ping
Ping is the first ever app to turn email into fast, multi-media mobile messaging that's intelligently filtered to focus on the people and groups that matter most. It redefines email to fit the way we are used to communicating today, breaking free from labels and folders and collections of overly formal, fragmented conversations. By streamlining the experience into a sleek, smart mobile experience, Ping escapes email from its clutter and inefficiencies and finally makes it fun again. Visit

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