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February 19, 2015 08:59 ET

Introducing the RecorderPlugin: Enabling the Recording of Cell Phone Calls and Any Form of Music Playing Through Your Headphones

Unprecedented Access to Recording Sounds Anywhere

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Feb 19, 2015) - Remember the cassette recorder? Remember the convenience of being able to record any sound, song or conversation with the push of the button? Miami-based TightTalk has brought the convenience of voice and cassette recorders to the mobile age with the RecorderPlugin, while offering an "on-the-wire" recording method making any audio you can hear easily available as an MP3.

TightTalk has created the RecorderPlugin, a new kind of convergence technology that takes advantage of your headphone connection and is an easy-to-use, affordable gadget to record what's around you: Music you love, ideas, conversations, meetings, and live sounds.

Simply put, TightTalk's RecorderPlugin brings recording control to you that's as simple as hitting the "record" button.

The RecorderPlugin allows you record the radio, both sides of a cell phone conversation, and anything else you can listen to through headphones or an auxiliary cord, as well as any live sound or voice, to an MP3 with the click of a button with USB connectivity to transfer and share the files.

"People want to record things they want to listen to over and over again, whether it's their favorite DJ, a conversation in a meeting or to document something they're working on. While smartphones have made digital audio more abundant than ever, we lost something when the cassette recorder faded from existence," said TightTalk Founder Mark Larman.

The RecorderPlugin brings the luxury of recording any external sound with the touch of a button, while also making it simple to record both sides of a cell phone conversation, or any form of music that is playing. The Recorder Plugin's on-board microphone and speaker also allow it to be used with or without a headset while adding the features of a voice recorder for recording conversations, class lectures, or any other live sound. By then making the recordings available instantly as MP3s via USB, users have a process they are familiar with; enhancing the ease of adoption to the new technology.

To address privacy concerns, the RecorderPlugin announces that recording has started with the audible word "recording" at the start and "not recording" at the end of the recording.

According to Larman, "We believe that consumers should have the power to record what's around them with smart technology that's not limited by mobile OS interruptions or expensive recording equipment. The digital age is supposed to be easier, not harder."

Larman knows a thing or two about recording, as he is better known as hip-hop recording artist Trace Marx, whose new song, "Autograph" is featured in the new movie Old Fashioned, which is in theaters now. He developed the RecorderPlugin out of his need to record DJs mixing his songs on the radio.

Orders and contributions are currently being taken for the RecorderPlugin on Kickstarter, with early bird prices starting at of $65. Shipping is slated for December 2015.

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