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Seeyond Architectural Solutions

June 06, 2011 16:30 ET

Introducing Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions: Imagination Delivered

Empowering the Unique Vision of the Designer and Architect With Complete Design Freedom

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Jun 6, 2011) - Interior designers and architects now can bring their most ambitious visions to life with complete design freedom and total control of the outcome.

Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions offers a new way to create differentiated space -- a comprehensive solution that integrates the process of parametric design and digital fabrication. Seeyond helps users articulate space with unique non-loadbearing walls, wall-mounted structures, ceiling clouds, column wraps and partial enclosures.

Seeyond will be officially introduced at NeoCon 2011 in Chicago, the leading exposition for the commercial interior design and furnishings industry.

Elegant, powerful and efficient, Seeyond is an infinitely customizable solution that allows designers to set loose their imaginations -- and then see their visions take shape in an empowered experience of true design freedom.

How It Works

The Tess™ Specification Tool facilitates the exploration of compound form and complex pattern. The user selects the feature type. Then modifies its size, form and tessellation. And finally, chooses any relief and/or visual effects. As the design takes shape, the solution constantly regenerates all the information necessary to accurately visualize and precisely manufacture a unique gesture. And since Tess is parametric, each change in any geometric variable automatically modifies the relationships among all the dependent variables in the design.

Seeyond then uses data from the user's design to drive the manufacturing process, efficiently creating a unique specialty feature. Flat sheets are precisely cut, then folded in origami-like fashion to create individual modules that comprise the tessellated surface. The modules combine with no tools or visible hardware to create a self-structuring system. A variety of options for custom color, lensing patterns, printed graphics, material appliqué and internal lighting allows for even greater design freedom.

Every inch of the creation takes shape exactly as the designer conceived it. What's on the screen is what will be delivered -- with a warranty, a certain cost and a quoted lead time.

"Imagine the utility and beauty you desire -- divide space, brand environments, create privacy or shape experience. Almost anything is possible," said Nat Porter, general manager of Seeyond Architectural Solutions. "We've given architects and designers a way to make their creative visions a reality, with infinite customization and complete control of the outcome."

Seeyond eliminates uncertainty and minimizes risk -- allowing creators to unleash their imaginations while delivering predictable fabrication, cost and timing. Base pricing will range from $50 - $85 per square foot, with optional add-ons. Typical manufacturing lead time is expected to be four to six weeks.

Seeyond will be available nationally, with sales representation initially in four markets: New York City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Seattle and Portland.

This new user-driven design-and-building system from Seeyond Architectural Solutions is patent pending. For more information, visit or call 800.508.5455.

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