September 11, 2014 14:18 ET

Introducing SIREN: New Technology Transforms Jewelry Into a Unique Class of Safety Device -- No Smartphone Required

Stylish Rings Merge With Powerful Technology to Give Women Immediate Personal Protection

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 11, 2014) - Smart Siren Technology, Inc., a wearable technology startup, today introduced SIREN, a new brand of jewelry that offers women immediate protection when their personal safety is at risk. By concealing miniature patent-pending technology -- which, when activated, emits a shockingly loud alarm -- inside stylish, on-trend jewelry, SIREN has re-imagined the idea of personal safety. SIREN jewelry empowers women by providing them with the critical seconds needed to startle, overwhelm and deter an assailant, while attracting nearby attention and potentially preventing the escalation of an attack. SIREN offers a unique protective advantage to women by being hidden in plain sight and instantly accessible during an emergency.

SIREN will officially launch in October 2014 with a line of statement rings that, quite simply, look like stylish and sophisticated accessories. Smart electronics discreetly hidden within the ring reveal Siren's commitment to powerful and reliable technology: microcontroller, customized transducer for maximizing output, triggering mechanism, voltage converter, and a rechargeable power source are all housed inside the ring's tiny alarm module. SIREN is the first company to utilize the technology for this application.

How It Works
To activate the alarm, the wearer simply rotates the top of the ring 60 degrees counterclockwise into the locked position. After 1.2 seconds, the ring generates a piercing sound exceeding 110dB, and produces full output for a duration only disclosed to the user for their added protection.

To ensure SIREN's effectiveness and reliability, the rings are entirely designed and manufactured in an American ISO-certified facility, and are water and heat/humidity-resistant. The rings' acoustic design ensures the sound is directed outward and away from the wearer. Each SIREN ring includes a custom USB power adapter and must be fully recharged after being activated.

SIREN's debut collection of beautiful statement rings are crafted from the highest quality materials: plated in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver with a brushed, antique finish, and set with hand-faceted natural gemstones. SIREN is designed to blend seamlessly with a woman's everyday lifestyle and can be worn in any environment. "With SIREN, we wanted to create a resource that empowers women -- a beautiful piece of jewelry that offers some peace of mind," says Kat Alexander, SIREN's Founder and CEO. "SIREN provides women with a stylish, reliable and safe alternative to conventional defense methods," added Alexander, who created SIREN after her own personal safety was put at risk near her college campus.

Gavin de Becker, renowned security expert and bestselling author of "The Gift of Fear," says, "A criminal predator chooses the time and environment he feels will serve him best. The SIREN ring provides a resource that can add a powerful and unexpected sound to the environment, a piercing sound that can change the dynamic between attacker and target. Disrupting an attacker's belief that he has advantage, even for an instant, might provide the opportunity to run, counter attack, draw the attention of people who can help, or persuade an attacker to withdraw altogether."

SIREN rings will retail for $249 and are now available for an introductory pre-order price of $199 at

SST, Inc. was founded by Manhattan natives Kat Alexander, who serves as president and CEO, and her father Howard Alexander, a highly regarded tech developer in the security, computer, and audio markets. SST, Inc. creates beautiful jewelry that doubles as smart safety devices, starting with its signature product, the SIREN ring.

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