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November 13, 2008 09:00 ET

Introducing Super LoiLoScope

The World's First GPGPU High-Speed Movie Editing Software That Allows for the Editing of HD Movies at Never-Before-Seen Speed

TOKYO--(Marketwire - November 13, 2008) - LoiLo Inc. today introduces Super LoiLoScope, the new updated version of the free software LoiLoScope, now available at LoiLo's online store ( With GPU technology Super LoiLoScope enables users to edit and export HD quality videos at unbelievable speed and has replaced the need to render videos during the traditionally slow export process.

Super LoiLoScope also pioneers a brand new user interface that improves on other existing video editing software. With its unique 'infinite desktop' users can freely drag & drop video clips onto their workspace. By cutting and copying movie clips with a simple touch and arranging them on a timeline, even first timers can easily master the software. With Super LoiLoScope, users can also have more than one infinite desktop running concurrently which allows for many different projects to be open at the same time. Other new features include HD resolution support, a new text feature, and more device export variations.

New features and more effects will be released with continual updates that will improve on the original software.

"The LoiLo team have shown a remarkable ability to take advantage of the power of our GPU," said Bahman Dara, Worldwide Senior Marketing Manager of AMD Professional Graphics. "Their software offers a very user-friendly HD editing experience with exceptional speed and a highly intuitive user experience."

About Super LoiLoScope

Super LoiLoScope improves on the existing LoiLoScope software with a wealth of new features:

Editing and Exporting HD resolution movies

Super LoiLoScope can export movies in HD resolution as well as in SD resolution. This means movies can be edited without degrading the quality of the original videos and HD movie editing can be done at high-speed.

Go back and forth from one workspace to another

Easily go back and forth between work projects and personal projects without any trouble. Organize by saving your infinite desktop for each individual project.

Multiple Timelines

Use multiple timelines to work on two sections at once, or compare and examine two timelines to create the right combination.

Enjoy an evolving product with free updates

More features coming soon include:

--  Save your movies onto various devices with one click
--  Save movies into a variety of different customizable formats including
    HD, AVCHD, Blue-ray, DVD, and even for various cellular phones such as the
    Apple iPhone
--  Easily capture HVD/DV data from videotapes onto your computer
--  Organize and share media files saved locally on your computer
--  More effects and more transitions
--  Get copyright free material for your projects (pictures, movies,
    animation, graphics)
--  Get a free model timeline used by professional video editors

Create movies with an infinite desktop and a unique interface

Play & edit with a single touch

Drag & drop media files onto the infinite desktop. Touch a thumbnail with your cursor to play, and click to zoom in for a better view and begin editing. Isolate sections you like easily and copy to make materials for your final movie.

Organize with the magnet

The magnet allows you to organize thumbnails easily on your desktop. Throw a thumbnail towards a magnet and the magnet will attract any thumbnail nearby. With the magnet tool, easily organize your desktop and divide thumbnails by category.

New Features made possible with GPGPU application


With Super LoiLoScope's GPGPU technology you can preview effects on a thumbnail by touching an effect icon from the Effects menu at the top of the desktop. Drag & drop thumbnails onto the timeline and attach or overlay timeline bars together. Line up thumbnails that have been individually customized with effects, and play the clips together. This makes the creative process easier and more fun.

Text Feature

With the new text feature, add text clips to your movies by inserting a message or a phrase within the many different text box designs on offer.

Automatic Transitions

When two movie files (timeline bars) come together side by side on a timeline, the video clips will automatically fade in and fade out, creating a smooth transition. By focusing on features only used commonly in the movie industry and keeping functions simple, we have created a timeline that is straightforward and easy to use.

Change the size, angle, and position of a video on the timeline

Click a timeline bar to view all the customizing tools. It's easy to change the size, angle, and position of the movie clip.

Save your movie with HD resolution and play with any device

Save your finished movie in various formats for HD, YouTube, cellular phones and more. One click uploads to YouTube is also available with Super LoiLoScope, which automatically uploads within the 100MB limit, and divides movies if it exceeds 10 minutes.

Work on multiple timelines or multiple projects at once

With multiple timelines or multiple projects, work on different projects for different purposes at the same time.

Saving your Project

Save your infinite workspace just as it is so later you can begin right where you left off.

Price and availability

Super LoiLoScope will be available from November 13th, 2008 through LoiLo's online store ( for US $88. An introductory promotional price of US $59 will be in effect until December 25th, 2008.

About LoiLo Inc.

LoiLo Inc. is an award-winning developer of breakthrough video editing software. The founding Sugiyama brothers, Koji, a brilliant graphic software developer, and Ryutaro, a computer graphic artist, have years of gaming industry experience at Sega, Namco and Bandai, and Polygon Magic. LoiLo Inc. won four prestigious awards in 2007 including the Microsoft Innovation Award for Best Commercial Business. LoiLo Inc. is a privately held company located in Kanagawa, Japan.

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