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June 28, 2013 08:00 ET

Introducing the AEIOU Keyboard Featuring Simple Alphabetical Navigating

DARIEN, CT--(Marketwired - June 28, 2013) -
Introducing the AEIOU Keyboard™.
Innovative alphabetical navigating. A trending option aimed to the standard QWERTY keyboard.
Simple ABC navigating. 
Vowels to the left. Consonants to the right. Color coded. Simple as that.
AEIOU aligned on the left… and then alphabetically from left to right in color coded groups. This arrangement enables the typist to quickly locate a letter key.

This new AEIOU Keyboard™ is especially useful for those making the transition from typing on a standard keyboard with to a mobile or tablet screen and entering text with one finger or both thumbs. This new touch screen app is especially handy for one-handed use.

The AEIOU Keyboard™ has a patent pending with the U.S. Patent office, and soon an international patent. Goals are to become a viable replacement option for the 135 year-old QWERTY keyboard layout. The AEIOU Keyboard™ is also available for licensing for all keyboard manufacturers and smart phones and smart pad developers.

The AEIOU Keyboard™ should also be an attractive option to certain groups as potential keyboard replacement.

  • slow typists who rely on visual cues (did you know that studies indicate average speed of all typists is 40wpm)
  • keyboards at point of purchase (stores, bistros, etc.) especially for speedy transactions
  • keyboards with Asian, Russian or Arabic characters that also include the English/ Latin alphabet
  • touch screen devices.

Simple to acquire. Simple to install. A click does it all. Now available at Google Play and Amazon for only 99 cents. 
Simplicity has advantages.

The AEIOU Keyboard™ is also aimed at becoming a replacement option for the standard QWERTY keyboard with a compact keyboard merely 14 inches in length. 
This keyboard is currently in development and designed to plug and play into any PC computer.

There are 350 million personal computers and 150 million laptops shipped every year.
The computer market is vast…
with 350 million personal computers, 150 million laptops and 36 million smart phones sold each year. 
And each one has a keyboard...sample the simple AEIOU Keyboard™.
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