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September 29, 2015 11:02 ET

Introducing the Aquadima Box: The Smart Media Library You Own and Control

Unprecedented Access to Your Media Anytime, Anywhere

MONTREAL, QC--(Marketwired - September 29, 2015) - Finally, a smart media library that you own and control.

Aquadima has created the Aquadima Box, a device and platform that will change the way consumers connect with their digital content and how artists connect with their fans. Aquadima's smart media library harnesses content in a way that is secure, easy, accessible and convenient.

Simply put, the Aquadima platform collects all of your media files within the Aquadima Box, your private and smart media cloud, and then provides access and playback through your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

Digital libraries are highly personal. With the Aquadima Box and software you can access and share your digital content on any device in a way that's organized, secure and reliable.

"As we have seen with Apple Music, people want control over the content they own, whether it's music they've bought or recorded. Consumers feel like they're losing this. With the Aquadima Box, we're bringing that back," said Aquadima CEO Rénald Prébé.

He added, "The Aquadima Box is the first pro-consumer and pro-artist media storage system on the market. Artists recognize the world they operate in is changing. Thanks to digital distribution, social media and a wealth of new data sources, artists have more power than ever to manage the business side of their craft. Aquadima builds upon that by giving musicians, for example, the power to easily create a profitable distribution network for their music, merchandise and access to performances."

For artists like musicians, Aquadima's private media cloud allows them to better connect with their fans in a way that strengthens their existing relationships while creating a revenue stream that enables their art to be sustainable. For artists, the Aquadima box is a viable alternative to the diminishing revenue streams they're seeing from platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora. It allows them to create a library containing an unlimited amount of content without catalogue limitation and without censorship, allowing for bootlegs, rare versions and personal creations.

For consumers, Aquadima will rapidly change how consumers will own, share, sell and enjoy digital entertainment with the unique Aquadima Box and accompanying app. The Aquadima platform gives consumers independent access to the content they own, and the opportunity to enjoy that content.

The Aquadima Box connects consumers and artists in a way that's simple, reliable, secure and genuine. Within the artist's fan zones, consumers can access exclusive content and even follow live video streams. Imagine the artist holding his phone live on the stage or at a photo session: consumers are not just connected like with other platforms, they're living what the artist is living.

The Aquadima platform was developed and backed by a global team of data, music, film and cloud specialists and was designed to be agile and flexible, capable of securely capturing and processing all digital media across all devices.

Orders and contributions are currently being taken for the Aquadima Box on Kickstarter, starting at a discounted price of $79. The full retail package consisting of the 256GB Aquadima Box, ready to host a media library, and open to extra plugged-in storage is selling for $299. Shipping is slated for Christmas 2015. The Aquadima streaming service and platform are totally free of charge.

For more information about the Aquadima Box, check out:
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